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cleanup proposal: avoid using .libs in

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Currently, we statically link bind10 programs by specifying .libs/*.a in

We should allow them to use dynamic links. Even if we prefer static links, it's probably not a good practice to refer to .libs/* directly; we should use a linker option.


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comment:2 Changed 10 years ago by jinmei

branches/trac309 is ready for review.

I used this opportunity to introduce another cleanup: use a separate "tests" directory for unit tessts. This is actually not just for consistency: when --enable-static-link is specified we want use static link only for programs and still create dynamic libraries. Separating directories makes this easier.

Proposed ChangeLog entry is:

  85.?	[build]*	jinmei
	Build programs using dynamic link by default.  A new configure
	option --enable-static-link is provided to using static link for
	executable programs.  Statically linked programs can be run on a
	debugger more easily and would be convenient for developers.
	(Trac #309, svn rTBD)

This is okayed on jabber by Jeremy, so I'm going to merge this to trunk.

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merged (r2723). closing ticket.

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