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User-submitted upstart script (for CentOS 6.4)

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A user submitted an upstart script with the following mail.

From: "Miles Brennan" <>
To: <>
Subject: BIND10 Upstart Script
Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2013 18:05:06 +1000

Hey All.


New list user here.. Miles from Brisbane.AU, currently tinkering with BIND10
just to see what it's like and evaluate stability for potential use in a


Background: A Geek!, I authored the Linux Home Server HOWTO
( <> ) a few years back to make it
easier for users to build their own home environment.


I looked long and hard for a good init / upstart script for BIND10, but
ended up writing my own to suit my CentOS 6.4 environment.


I thought you might like it for your WIKI so others can start playing with
BIND10 a little more.



-        initctl start bind10

-        initctl restart bind10

-        initctl stop bind10







vi /etc/init/bind10.conf



description "BIND10 is a DNS server with DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 server support"



export PATH


start on runlevel [345]

stop on runlevel [0126]


pre-start script


        exec logger -p user.warning -t upstart-bind10 "BIND10 daemon


end script


exec b10-init --user bind --config-file /usr/local/var/bind10/b10-config.db

               --pid-file /usr/local/var/bind10/ \

               --msgq-socket-file /usr/local/var/bind10/msgq_socket \

               --data-path /usr/local/var/bind10 --cmdctl-port 8080




post-stop exec logger -p user.warning -t upstart-bind10 "BIND10 daemon



kill timeout 30

console none


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comment:2 Changed 7 years ago by muks

I don't know about this ticket. Some points:

  • Fedora has switched to systemd. RHEL7 will also use systemd. BIND 10 already has systemd scripts in Fedora.
  • RHEL6 (and CentOS6) does not have packaged dependencies for BIND 10 yet (Python 3 is notably missing).
  • In any case, this should probably be moved to system specific notes page as an attachment for packagers to use, as it doesn't belong in the BIND 10 tree. This is OS and distro specific.

comment:3 Changed 7 years ago by muks

  • Estimated Difficulty changed from 0 to 1

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We decided that we'd move this to a wiki page (as instructions).

Clearing milestone.

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  • Milestone set to Remaining BIND10 tickets

comment:6 Changed 6 years ago by jpopelka

For systemd service unit files see #3529

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  • Version set to git

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