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PlantUML diagrams improvements

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I got a reply from the PlantUML developers on how to improve class diagrams generated by PlantUML. This is a ticket to get the improvements in a new branch reviewed.

I'm making it a defect ticket as the way we use class diagram syntax is incorrect.


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Ready for review.

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It looks OK. Not that I'd know why it was wrong the first time, but the result looks better now. So I think it may be merged.

Note that lettuce is failing on master (at least for me), but it seems to be completely unrelated to this branch. Still, you might want to wait so you can run it after the merge and check.

Though I don't know if commit messages are the best place for notes for reviewers.

comment:5 Changed 7 years ago by muks

The main problem was that the pre-branch class diagram used -> arrow syntax instead of -->.

comment:6 Changed 7 years ago by muks

With the new syntax, it was possible to remove a lot of the manual placement hints. So that was done too. And the sequence diagrams were improved too.

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I've pushed the merge to master branch as the changes in the branch are all local to the *.txt files in the doc/design/datasrc/ directory, which should not affect any lettuce tests.

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Merged to master branch in commit 196c9f80b51bb0c4d9e9f6540fc0c5258b69cd06:

* dbabac0 [3040] Fix representation of instances in sequence diagrams
* 4bebf8b [3040] Fix case
* e1b4215 [3040] Fix PlantUML class diagram syntax

Resolving as fixed. Thank you for the review Michal.

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