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Bind10: create one process list and use it to kill all processes in that list

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The following comment was copied from ticket #289, which was inputted by stephen.

Remark: the section around this change (lines 350 - 430) start the processes in sequence. If there is a problem, all previous processes are killed via an explicit set of xxx.process.kill() statements. So adding a new process into the list means modifying code further down the module to make sure it is killed if a subsequent process fails to start. As each process starts, can't it be added to a list and a single function defined to kill all processes in that list?


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I created a rollback transaction and put it into library, because it seemed to me this kind of thing might be useful somewhere else as well and it wasn't much more work. I let BoB use that to kill the processes.

The transaction has tests, but the code in BoB didn't have them before and I do not see a reasonable way to test it automatically, as it starts many processes and we would need to make them fail in the fork or somewhere there. Do you think it is a problem? Any idea how it could be tested? I tested that functionality manually at last.

The changes are in branches/trac300, branch point is r3075, head is r3092.

The suggested changelog:

[func]             Michal Vaner
Implemented a rollback transaction - simple list of cleanup actions that is run
in case of exception. Used in BoB to kill processes if there's error on startup.

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is this still a separate thing or is this part of #412 now?

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This was included as part of #412, which was added to the trunk in r3676.

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