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perfdhcp segfaults

Reported by: stephen Owned by: marcin
Priority: low Milestone: Sprint-DHCP-20130703
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Perfdhcp process segmentation faults on 90% of tries when running with 10k+ clients.

Client: Fedora 18; perfdhcp built from bind10-1.0.0.

Server: Redhat 6.4; dhcp-4.2.5 built from source; tested in both single and failover modes.

Command ran: ./perfdhcp -l em2 -R 16000 -n 16000 -r 100

Further details (including core dump) can be obtained from ISC internal support ticket 6043.


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comment:3 Changed 7 years ago by mcnally

The customer who reported the initial problem has posted an update and a suggested code fix on ISC Support Ticket 6043. Please see his comments there and consider whether his fix is suitable for adoption.

comment:4 Changed 7 years ago by marcin

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Provided patch does not resolve the actual problem. In practice, it prevents the program from entering the section of the code where the actual bug is. The culprit section is responsible for garbage collecting timed out packets. When packet is considered timed out, it is erased from the list where sent packets are tracked. The internal pointer used to track the next sent packet is not updated on removal of the timed out packet. In some cases it may cause the internal pointer to invalidate and lead to undefined behaviour. The proper fix updates the internal pointer to point to a valid element on the list on removal of the element it points to.

Please review this fix on the trac2979 branch.

Proposed !Changelog entry

6XX.	[bug]		marcin
	perfdhcp: Fixed a bug in whereby the application was sporadically
	crashing when timed out packets were garbage collected.
	(Trac #2979, git abcd)

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Reviewed commit 9a2922daaac4af5b378144b518a1b1fec767c798

Looks OK, please merge.

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