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duplicate IDs in bind10-messages.xml

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tools/ function processAllFiles looks for all .mes files under the directory passed to it on the command-line. So it will include other .mes files that may be in same location.

This resulted in having duplicate IDs in the documentation for every ID for my build. This accident was shipped with the 1.0.0 release. While I should have had a more clean build tree. (I aborted a distcheck which left the duplicate source directory, generated the bind10-messages.xml and html, and ran a new distcheck which removed the old directory first.) This problem could happen to others different ways.

My suggestions:

1) The script says "However, this is an error - each ID should be unique in BIND-10." So make the script error instead of appending the duplicates (n) like it does now.


2) list all the know .mes files and only use them. This would be useful also so we can use make rules to regenerate the document if and only if one of them changed. The problem with this is we may forget to maintain the list. Currently there are around 35 message files.


3) make the document generation per component. This would be useful especially since in the long run we would want the documents per different release tarballs (for example dhcp-libraries shouldn't ship docs for b10-auth log messages). But for an all-in-one release like we have now, we can include them all into one huge document again, but would need the list of each again (as above).

It would be nice if these docs were available via a tool (like bindctl) by the way.


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