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distclean and removal of docs from release tarball

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We ship the generated docs (guide, messages manual, manpages) in the tarball because we don't want to require more build dependencies (such as xsltproc, docbook stylesheets, html-to-text renderer, etc).

Currently DISTCLEANFILES is used for the generated docs. A "distclean" causes them to be lost so then a new make will (by default) will generate dummy docs.

My initial suggestion is to use MAINTAINERCLEANFILES so they are only removed on "make maintainer-clean".

But later need to discuss better idea for generating these. Some ideas:

  • include the generated files back in the GIT repo; and require they are built/committed using a consistent setup.
  • require many new dependencies and don't build dummy docs.
  • use some more common format, like use some ROFF instead of docbook for guide and messages manual since the toolchain for this is generally already installed on all systems. Or some other simple plain-text markup language and provide simple python-tool in the repo to generate docs using it.


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