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reconsider the use of varbinary in database tables

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The dhcp4 component (maybe also the dhcp6 component) makes use of the varbinary datatype:

| hwaddr | varbinary(20) | YES | MUL | NULL | |
| client_id | varbinary(128) | YES | MUL | NULL | |

while this might give a performance benefit over text encoded fields, it makes working with common "off the shelf" database tools difficult, as the value stored is just a binary blob and hard for a user to work with.

if the performance penalty is not too big, the use of varbinary might be reconsidered in favor for a dataype that is easy to handle for users (e.g. typing into SQL statements in the mysql command line tool when searching for all leases of a certail client-id or hw-address).

searching for a hw-addr in an SQL database is quite a common task for DHCP administrators. A common text encoding (08:00:27:CB:AA:68) would make that task much easier.


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comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by cas

If performance does not allow the varbinary to be changed, consider to store the data in human-readable form in addition to the varbinary. While that creates a redundancy, it would greatly enhance the usefulness of the database.

comment:2 Changed 7 years ago by cas

In Dhcp6, the above applies to the DUID

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