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after removing modules, the modules still show in bindctl

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When modules are removed from the configuration, the modules still show in the "help" screens of bindctl.

Only after bindctl is closed and restarted again the module list is gone.

bindctl should update its internal list of modules on "config remove"

It is irritating to see modules that cannot be used in the list of available configurations.


> config remove /Boss/components b10-auth
> config remove /Boss/components b10-xfrin
> config remove /Boss/components b10-xfrout
> config remove /Boss/components b10-zonemgr
> config diff
{'Boss': {'components': {'b10-cmdctl': {'kind': 'needed', 'special': 'cmdctl'}, 'b10-stats': {'kind': 'dispensable', 'address': 'Stats'}}}}
> config commit

> help
usage: <module name> <command name> [param1 = value1 [, param2 = value2]]
Type Tab character to get the hint of module/command/parameters.
Type "help(? h)" for help on bindctl.
Type "<module_name> help" for help on the specific module.
Type "<module_name> <command_name> help" for help on the specific command.
Available module names:
    help        Get help for bindctl.
    config      Configuration commands.
    execute     Execute a given set of commands
    Logging     Logging options
    Cmdctl      Interface for command and control
    tsig_keys   The TSIG keyring is stored here
    Xfrin       XFR in daemon
    Auth        Authoritative service
    Boss        Master process
    Stats       Stats daemon
            The sources of authoritative DNS data


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We should go ahead and reload our system information after every command, IMHO.

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This issue is related to bind10 code that is no longer part of Kea.

If you are interested in BIND10/Bundy framework or its DNS components,
please check

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