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configuration snapshots and restore

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This is a feature request. I'm willing to implement and the feature if
there is consensus that it is useful for the general userbase. However it possibly requires support in the core modules which I would need help with.

The idea is to provide commands (in bindctl and/or via other interfaces) to "snapshot" and "restore" a BIND 10 configuration. The snapshot should be able to save the whole configuration (all modules) or just single modules (like auth or dhcpv4). The snapshot should contain all the configuration but not the data (for DNS, the configuration of the server but not the zone list or zone content).

A similar "snapshot" function for data (DNS zones and DHCP scopes) might be useful, but is out of the scope of this request.

The user should be able to "name" a snapshot with a descriptive name. Optionally, snapshots should be secured by a password/pass-phrase and encrypted (could be done by external tools, such as "gpg"). Snapshots should also store a timestamp and the user that created the snapshot.

The user interfaces should have a function to enumerate the available snapshots and a function for the user to select and load a snapshot.

Loading/restoring a snapshot will replace the current running configuration with the configuration for the snapshot. It will not change DNS zone data or DHCP scope data.

The user interfaces should also provide functions to re-name and remove snapshots.


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We'll discuss this on next week's team call.

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