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DHCPv6 not receiving packets on CentOS

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When the server was running on CentOS, although packets were being sent to the server (and reaching the machine, as verified by Wireshark), the server did not respond. Initial diagnostics showed that the select(2) call was not returning.


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I just confirmed that my dhcpv6 client (dibbler running on Debian 6.0) was able to complete SARR process and later release the lease. I used CentOS 6.3 64 for the server with bind10 code from master.

I did follow: with minor changes:

  1. Installed log4cplus 1.1.1-rc2 instead of 1.0.4
  2. path to /opt/botan/bin had to be added to PATH
  3. yum install mysql-devel mysql-server
  4. added --with-dhcp-mysql to ./configure

I did capture the traffic on client box, using wireshark (traffic capture attached).

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So far we have Tomek successfully run tests on CentOS 6.3 64bit and Marcin reporting problems in CentOS 6.2 (I think it was 6.2). We need an independent confirmation and Stephen agreed to do it.

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Testing commit 4890e1207ce2c4fd0875c321e14c8931c6313e6b.


  • BIND 10 DHCP6 server on a virtual machine running "Centos 6.3 (Final)" (32-bit Centos).
  • ip6tables was stopped on the server.
  • ISC DHCP4 client on a virtual machine running "Ubuntu 11.10" (32-bit).

The server configuration was:

> config show all Dhcp6
Dhcp6/interface[0]	"all"	string	(default)
Dhcp6/renew-timer	1000	integer	(default)
Dhcp6/rebind-timer	2000	integer	(default)
Dhcp6/preferred-lifetime	3000	integer	(default)
Dhcp6/valid-lifetime	4000	integer	(default)
Dhcp6/option-def	[]	list	(default)
Dhcp6/option-data	[]	list	(default)
Dhcp6/lease-database/type	"mysql"	string	
Dhcp6/lease-database/name	"kea"	string	
Dhcp6/lease-database/user	"kea"	string	
Dhcp6/lease-database/host	""	string	(default)
Dhcp6/lease-database/password	"kea"	string	
Dhcp6/subnet6[0]/subnet	"2001:db8:1::/64"	string	
Dhcp6/subnet6[0]/interface	"eth0"	string	
Dhcp6/subnet6[0]/renew-timer	1000	integer	(default)
Dhcp6/subnet6[0]/rebind-timer	2000	integer	(default)
Dhcp6/subnet6[0]/preferred-lifetime	3000	integer	(default)
Dhcp6/subnet6[0]/valid-lifetime	7200	integer	(default)
Dhcp6/subnet6[0]/pool[0]	"2001:db8:1::0 - 2001:db8:1::ffff"	string	
Dhcp6/subnet6[0]/option-data	[]	list	(default)

When the DHCP client was run with the "-6" switch (IPv6 client), the server allocated address 2001:db8:1::0. The address was recorded in the database, and the client recorded that the address had been received:

dhcp-client:~:932% cat client.leases 
default-duid "\000\001\000\001\030\221\200w\010\000'\024V!";
lease6 {
  interface "eth2";
  ia-na 27:14:56:21 {
    starts 1358873592;
    renew 1000;
    rebind 2000;
    iaaddr 2001:db8:1:: {
      starts 1358873592;
      preferred-life 3000;
      max-life 4000;
  option dhcp6.client-id "alpha";
  option dhcp6.server-id 0:1:0:1:18:91:72:ad:8:0:27:7a:da:e1;

It is confirmed that the DHCPv6 server is able to receive address requests and hand out leases under CentOS 6.3.

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