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DHCP libs don't build with parallel make

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Priority: high Milestone: Sprint-DHCP-20121129
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There seems to be a missing dependency in the dhcp libraries somewhere. The
build succeeds with make -j1, but as I'm usually building with -j6, it
fails for me:
{{{make[5]: Entering directory `/home/vorner/work/bind10/src/lib/dhcp'

CXX libb10_dhcp_la-libdhcp++.lo
CXX libb10_dhcp
CXX libb10_dhcp_la-iface_mgr_linux.lo
CXX libb10_dhcp
CXX libb10_dhcp_la-option.lo
CXX libb10_dhcp
CXX libb10_dhcp_la-option6_ia.lo
CXX libb10_dhcp
CXX libb10_dhcp_la-option6_iaaddr.lo
CXX libb10_dhcp
CXX libb10_dhcp_la-option4_addrlst.lo
CXX libb10_dhcp
CXX libb10_dhcp_la-pkt4.lo
CXX libb10_dhcp
CXX libb10_dhcpsrv_la-cfgmgr.lo
CXX libb10_dhcpsrv_la-pool.lo
CXX libb10_dhcpsrv_la-subnet.lo
CXX libb10_dhcpsrv_la-lease_mgr.lo
CXX libb10_dhcpsrv_la-memfile_lease_mgr.lo
CXX libb10_dhcpsrv_la-addr_utilities.lo

make[5]: * No rule to make target ../../../src/lib/dhcp/', needed by'. Stop.
make[5]: * Waiting for unfinished jobs....

CXX libb10_dhcpsrv_la-alloc_engine.lo

make[5]: Leaving directory `/home/vorner/work/bind10/src/lib/dhcp'

It is annoying, as it disturbs my regular workflow.


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Duplicate of #2475

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