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make ConfigurableClientList::getCachedZoneWriter thread safe

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This is a continuation of #2459.

While the suggested solution in #2459 solves the immediate problem by
a relatively simple patch, it's suboptimal performance-wise because
getCachedZoneWriter() involves expensive DB accesses several times,
some may be even blocking: one is findZone(), and the other is
getIterator(). The latter is especially problematic in that it opens
a new DB connection.

Fortunately, getIterator() itself should be thread safe as long as
DatabaseAccessor::clone() of the underlying DB accessor
implementation is thread safe (which is the case for our SQLite3 version).

So my suggested better (but requiring larger changes) solution is as

  • extend ConfigurableClientList so the caller can know if a specified zone is "cached" (and no, I don't like to use getDataSources() for this purpose. IMO it discloses too much internal details of the class and restricts future changes of the implementation). One possibility is to extend find() (like extending exact_match_ to a generic flags).
  • revise getCachedZoneWriter() so it only looks for in-memory data sources. findZone() on in-memory data source should be thread safe, so there's no risk of race here. We'll need to extend findInternal() a bit to make this possible.
  • in b10-auth (or any other possible user of getCachedZoneWriter()), the builder thread first checks if it really needs to do reload using the first extension. It protects this operation by the mutex. If it does, the builder calls the revised getCachedZoneWriter() without the protection of mutex.


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I believe this task solves the issue I explained in that message.
While the allowable scalability for SQLite3 may be moot, I suspect
the same discussion will apply to other databases because opening a
new DB connection could be time consuming or even blocking operation.

So I'm proposing it for the next sprint.

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DNS and BIND10 framework is outside of scope for Kea project.
The corresponding code has been removed from Kea git repository.
If you want to follow up on DNS or former BIND10 issues, see project.

Closing ticket.

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