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ConfigData::getFullConfig() should return child elements content

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ConfigData::getFullConfig() currently returns only list of elements on top level, but it should return all child elements as well. This will likely be trivial to implement as stringValue() -> str() change.


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Config as seen from bindctl:

> config show Dhcp6
Dhcp6/interface/	list	(default)
Dhcp6/renew-timer	1001	integer	
Dhcp6/rebind-timer	2000	integer	(default)
Dhcp6/preferred-lifetime	3000	integer	(default)
Dhcp6/valid-lifetime	4000	integer	(default)
Dhcp6/option-data	[]	list	(default)
Dhcp6/subnet6/	list	
> config show Dhcp6/subnet6[0]
Dhcp6/subnet6[0]/subnet	"2001:db8:1::/64"	string	
Dhcp6/subnet6[0]/renew-timer	1000	integer	(default)
Dhcp6/subnet6[0]/rebind-timer	2000	integer	(default)
Dhcp6/subnet6[0]/preferred-lifetime	3000	integer	(default)
Dhcp6/subnet6[0]/valid-lifetime	7200	integer	(default)
Dhcp6/subnet6[0]/pool/	list	
Dhcp6/subnet6[0]/option-data	[]	list	(default)
> config show Dhcp6/subnet6[0]/pool[0]
Dhcp6/subnet6[0]/pool[0]	"2001:db8:1::0 - 2001:db8:1::ffff"	string	

Config as returned by getFullConfig():

2012-11-03 23:16:03.391 DEBUG [b10-dhcp6.dhcp6] DHCP6_CONFIG_START DHCPv6 server is processing the following configuration: { "interface": [ "all" ], "option-data": [  ], "preferred-lifetime": 3000, "rebind-timer": 2000, "renew-timer": 1000, "subnet6": [  ], "valid-lifetime": 4000 }

Note that subnet6 actually has some content, but getFullConfig() shows it as being empty.

Useful code point to start debugging:
configureDhcp6Server() call in ControlledDhcpv6Srv::establishSession() in src/bin/dhcp6/

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comment:5 Changed 7 years ago by vorner

I believe this is the desired behaviour of config show, that we have config showall for the DFS version through the whole config.

Is it really the function at fault, or is it that the bindctl shows only that part?

comment:6 Changed 7 years ago by jinmei

as usual, I think we should consider these types of issues at a higher
level, i.e, how the entire config API should look like. I'm afraid
just tweaking one existing API for one particular purpose will simply
make it messier.

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No longer revelant. We fixed this class of issues by removing bind10 framework.

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