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introduce a simpler way of using faked data source from auth tests

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Some of the current tests in auth_srv_unittest tweaks existing
data source clients by bruteforcing its contents (using the
getDataSources() interface and directly rewrites the internal).
IMO it relies too much on the internal of data source clients and
makes both the class and tests fragile. For tests of client-list
itself it might be considered a necessary evil, but for tests of their
users I think it goes too far.

This also one major reason we currently need (in #2211, hopefully soon
in master) the swapDataSrcClientLists, which also makes the
DataSrcClientsMgr integrity weaker. It's also the reason why we
need to return a shared pointer from
DataSrcClientsMgr::Holder.findClientList() (because this test
internally destroys the original due to the brutteforce replacement)
even though it could return a bare pointer based on its nature.

What we actually need is, IMO, a cleaner way for tests like
AuthSrvTest to use some faked data source clients (e.. one that
throws on findZone(), instead of relying on the low level internal
details of the client list implementation.

This task is to design such a way and implement it.


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