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clarify the use case for some basic exceptions

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As discussed in #2207 (see, e.g., the relevant part of, it the intended usage
of the some exceptions defined exceptions/exceptions.h
doesn't seem clear and different developers use it for different

That's particularly so for Unexpected. When I first introduced it
(I believe it was me who added it), I intended it to mean really
"exceptional" events where we'd rather assert() the condition. An
example (not limited to that) would be failure of some system level
API that would basically be expected to succeed. Another case is an
indication of inconsistent state of a class but when we cannot 100%
eliminate the possibility that it's triggered by a (misbehaving)
application. Something like Unexpected tends to be a kitchen sink
(after all, any exception should generally indicate an "unexpected"
event, isn't it?), so I wanted to limit the use case of it.

Whether or not this intent makes sense, the reality in our code is
that it's used for other purposes like when an application passes a
NULL pointer when it shouldn't. So, there's at least some confusion

The bottom line goal of this ticket is to document the intended
purpose of Unexpected. If there are other confusing exception
types, we should also clarify it in documentation.

Then, my personal proposal for Unexpected is the one I originally
intended as described above. But we can discuss that.

I also suggest unifying InvalidParameter and BadValue in this
ticket. I don't remember how we end up having these two, but it
doesn't make sense to me to separate these cases (I actually don't
even understand what's the difference between these).


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Setting this to 3; When you do this ticket, please have a short look at whether the code needs updating. If so, and it is easy, include it in this task. If so, and it is much work, create a followup ticket to do that. If not, just mention that :)

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This issue is related to bind10 code that is no longer part of Kea.

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