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Rename UNIX_SOCKET_FILE and libxfr

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This ticket derives from ticket #224. Following is Jelte's comment.

Only comment is that I think UNIX_SOCKET_FILE is a bad name, since this is specifically for libxfr (which is also a bad name imho). But that may be another ticket (and i want to get the python wrappers merged first, so I suggest we create a separate ticket for this). Oh and while we're at it, should that be a configurable value or do we consider this 'core and unchanging'?


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comment:1 in reply to: ↑ description Changed 10 years ago by zhanglikun

Could you give a more better name choice after you merging to trunk? :).

I don't think it needs to be a configurable value. It's the precondition between auth and xfrout, except these two processes, who care about it?

But on the other side, if user want to use chroot() jail, does s/he like it's a configurable value? welcome more comment!!

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comment:3 Changed 10 years ago by shane

I don't think we need to configure this name - at least not until we get a user request to make this configurable. This fits in with Michael's philosophy of "don't add unasked for features". We can make it configurable if someone wants it.

As for the UNIX_SOCKET_FILE identifier... perhaps we could call it something like XFROUT_UNIX_SOCKET_FOR_FILE_DESCRIPTORS? Is that too long? :)

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This doesn't seem critical, and there is some chance that we will end up replacing this if we actually can migrate to D-Bus (although there are licensing issues there). See msgqReplacements for some discussion of that effort.

But I'll leave it open until such time as we do migrate, since we may end up need to keep our socket transfer technology.

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