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restruct libb10-util

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In #1870, I noticed only buffer.h from lib/util (headers) was really
necessary to build sample b10-host program. Some others are used
internally in libb10-dns++, but I suspect many others are not
necessary. In particular, it shouldn't need interprocess locks
(which now requires libb10-thread) or memory segment stuff.

Since we've been wanting to make dns++ as standalone as possible it's
not really a good trend.

I suggest we reorganize lib(b10)util as follows:

  • libb10-util: containing minimal set that is necessary to be published
  • libb10-util-internal (or something): all others

Further, I suggest merging libb10-exceptions to libb10-util. Now that
having generic "util" library, which would be needed to be linked
for any BIND 10 related programs I don't see advantage of keeping the
very tiny separate library for the exception definitions.

And, if possible, I suggest we revisit the current way of creating
ad hoc sub libraries like util-io or util-thread, clarifying the
categorization policy (and document it). But that would be a topic of
a separate ticket.


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