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What packet resulted in AUTH_PACKET_PARSE_ERROR ?

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2012-05-01 23:27:33.825 DEBUG [b10-auth.auth] AUTH_PACKET_PARSE_ERROR unable to 
parse received DNS packet: RDLENGTH mismatch: 2 != 0

What packet resulted in AUTH_PACKET_PARSE_ERROR?

Getting around 17000 queries per second so hard to know. I got this error 984 times in about 11 seconds. (1000 SERVFAILs were sent.)

Documentation has:

AUTH_PACKET_PARSE_ERROR unable to parse received DNS packet: %1

    This is a debug message, generated by the authoritative server when an attempt to parse a received DNS packet has failed due to something other than a protocol error. The reason for the failure is given in the message; the server will return a SERVFAIL error code to the sender. 


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Interesting. This is a DEBUG message, so this error is not something that we would normally see. However, it may be interesting. (I think the particular message indicates that there was not enough data in the packet considering the length used for the RDATA packet.)

We can't really display too much about the packet, since the parse failed. Perhaps the right thing to do is add a facility for the administrator to log bogus packets? (Ultimately this is exactly right for a hook, but perhaps we can get something sooner?)

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