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delegation + DO often results in exception->SERVFAIL

Reported by: jinmei Owned by: jinmei
Priority: high Milestone: Sprint-20120403
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I've noticed b10-auth returns SERVFAIL when delegation to a child zone
is expected if the query has DO bit on and it's not a secure
delegation (including the case where parent zone isn't signed at all).

It's due to this:

Query::addDS(ZoneFinder& finder, const Name& dname) {
    ConstZoneFinderContextPtr ds_context =
        finder.find(dname, RRType::DS(), dnssec_opt_);
    if (ds_context->code == ZoneFinder::SUCCESS) {
    } else if (ds_context->code == ZoneFinder::NXRRSET &&
               ds_context->isNSECSigned()) {
        addNXRRsetProof(finder, *ds_context);
    } else if (ds_context->code == ZoneFinder::NXRRSET &&
               ds_context->isNSEC3Signed()) {
        // Add no DS proof with NSEC3 as specified in RFC 5155 Section 7.2.7.
        addClosestEncloserProof(finder, dname, true);
    } else {
        // Any other case should be an error
        isc_throw(BadDS, "Unexpected result for DS lookup for delegation");

I think it's pretty critical because many deployed resolvers set the
DO bit by default, while many zones are actually not even signed at
all. Also, it should be easy to fix (one line patch + test
adjustments, I guess), so I propose this to be included in the current

(But for now I'm pushing it to the next-sprint-proposed queue)


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trac1836 is ready for review. I believe it should be pretty

Proposed changelog entry:

410.?	[bug]		jinmei
	b10-auth now correctly handles delegation from an unsigned zone
	(defined in the in-memory data source) when the query has DNSSEC
	DO bit on.  It previously returned SERVFAIL.
	(Trac #1836, git TBD)

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looks good, please merge

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Replying to jelte:

looks good, please merge

Thanks, merge done, closing.

Giving an estimation of 3.

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