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The py-compile script crashes during installation

Reported by: vorner Owned by: vorner
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I don't know when it happened (due to other problem with installation I had), but whenever I try to install bind10, it fails with this error:

make[7]: Nothing to be done for `install-exec-am'.
test -z "/home/vorner/testing/bind10/lib64/python3.1/site-packages/isc/util" || /bin/mkdir -p "/home/vorner/testing/bind10/lib64/python3.1/site-packages/isc/util"
 /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 '/home/vorner/testing/bind10/lib64/python3.1/site-packages/isc/util'
Fatal Python error: Py_Initialize: can't initialize sys standard streams
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'OpenWrapper'
../../../../../py-compile: line 119: 15118 Aborted                 (core dumped) $PYTHON -c "
import sys, os, py_compile

files = '''$files'''

sys.stdout.write('Byte-compiling python modules...\n')
for file in files.split():
    if not os.path.exists(filepath) or not (len(filepath) >= 3
                                            and filepath[-3:] == '.py'):
    py_compile.compile(filepath, filepath + 'c', path)
make[7]: *** [install-pythonPYTHON] Error 134
make[7]: Leaving directory `/home/vorner/work/bind10/src/lib/python/isc/util'

I use python 3.2, but downgrading to 3.1 didn't help. This is a gentoo system and I tried it on another gentoo system and it fails there as well. When looking at the substituted $files and others, they look fine. The error itself sounds like the python is not able to open its stdin/out/err for some reason (or, better, create the wrappers around them).


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comment:3 Changed 8 years ago by vorner

First experiments show it is because the folder contains a folder called io. Then it tries to search for some modules to handle stdio, but they are called io.something and they are not found there. I'm going to look if I have a strange $PYTHON_PATH or if it is default thing on gentoo.

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As noted above, the problem was because py-compile was run under python3, and there was a directory io containing the file. So it picked up this one instead of system level io module, and it didn't contain the basic modules for stdio.

So, the solution is to rename the module. I changed it to cio, as it is a wrapper around C++ IO stuff. But I'm not sure it is the best name.

I'd propose this changelog:

[bug]		vorner
Installation no longer fails because of an io directory colliding with
python standard module io.

Thank you

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Appears to be OK - units tests pass and it installs without problems. Would perhaps phrase the ChangeLog message something like:

[bug]		vorner
Fixed problem whereby a directory named "io" conflicted with the Python
standard module "io" and caused the installation to fail.  The offending
directory has been renamed.

Please merge.

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Thank you, merged.

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