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"now" binding is required to prevent deadlocks in g++ startup code in Solaris

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The functionality of the dynamic libraries is badly dependent on what the C++ compiler inlines and what it makes a resolvable symbol, and if the default "lazy" binding is in use (i.e. a code reference gets resolved at its first use), certain combinations of the compiler -O flags causes the initialization code for static objects to make an inderect recursive call to an initialization thunk and a deadlock in its guard lock, and the process won't even make it to main(). Fortunately enough, the loader in Solaris allows for forced binding of all symbols on module load, which can be controlled by an ld flag or an environ variable at runtime. It adds some cycles at startup, but I don't think it's an issue for us. I don't know if there is a problem like this in other systems tho.


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Reviewed commit c789138250b33b6b08262425a08a2a0469d90433.

Seems OK; at any rate, all the unit tests on Solaris work (presumably the test programs also suffer from that potential deadlock).

Please merge.

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