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log file isn't created when running bind10 with -u

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Priority: medium Milestone: Remaining BIND10 tickets
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If I started BIND10 with '-u bind' with logging configuration for
dumping logs to file:

Logging/loggers[0]/output_options[0]/destination	"file"	string	
Logging/loggers[0]/output_options[0]/output	"/home/jinmei/opt/var/log/bind10.log"	string	
Logging/loggers[0]/output_options[0]/flush	false	boolean	(default)
Logging/loggers[0]/output_options[0]/maxsize	100000	integer	
Logging/loggers[0]/output_options[0]/maxver	5	integer

The file was not created and I saw this message from liblog4cplus:

log4cplus:ERROR Unable to open file: /home/jinmei/opt/var/log/bind10.log

(seeing this is bad IMO, but it's a separate issue. See #1081).

Even though the directory is writable for the user of "bind":

drwxrwxr-x  2 jinmei  bind  512 Jun 29 15:01 /home/jinmei/opt/var/log

If I started BIND 10 without -u bind 10 and with root permission, it created
the bind10.log file. If I then changed the owner of the file to "bind",
this file is updated with new logs.

These are very strange and inconvenient.


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Looks like we invoke setuid() but we never call setgid() from the boss:

        if self.__uid is not None:
  , self.__uid)

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