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B10_LOGGER_SEVERITY and B10_LOGGER_DBGLEVEL ignored or no complaint if bogus values

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I set B10_LOGGER_SEVERITY and B10_LOGGER_DBGLEVEL to various real and bogus values but don't see any change in output and no errors if they are bogus.

This may be related to #1051 (maybe that one does have an error but just never gets to that code path).


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B10_LOGGER_DBGLEVEL does not seem to get used anywhere in the code. I don't propose removing it on this ticket because we have a policy not to remove old symbols, and I think our ticket on a tool for auditing the logging will catch this and others not in use.

I'm not sure about LOGGER_SEVERITY... have you tried setting this recently? Do we still allow bogus value?

comment:3 Changed 6 years ago by stephen

The B10_LOGGER_* environment variables allow the setting of logging parameters in unit tests - they are not used by the main BIND 10 code. See src/lib/log/logger_unittest_support.h for more details.

If the values are incorrect, an error message describing the problem should appear before the test output.

comment:4 Changed 6 years ago by muks

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B10_LOGGER_SEVERITY's value is checked in in getSeverity() and if it is a bogus value, en error is logged and INFO severity is used after that.

B10_LOGGER_DBGLEVEL's value is checked in in b10LoggerDbglevel() and if it is a bogus value, en error is printed to stderr and the level is clamped to the nearest extreme.

This ticket can be closed.

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Verified the above. Closing.

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