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command completion/short commands in bindctl

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it would be nice to have command completion (tab completion) on the bindctl commandline.

shortened commands (similar to the cisco CLI) woudl also be useful:

"co s" for "config set"

the CLI commands should be selected so that the first chars of each level don't overlap ('show' and 'show-json' are colliding, 'json-show' would be better, or 'show-json'->'show json' and 'show'->'show config' ), or short 's j' and 's c')


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comment:2 Changed 9 years ago by jreed

bindctl does have autocomplete. On some systems by pressing TAB twice. For example I type "c" and press TAB one time and it spells out "config".

At an empty prompt, I press TAB and it shows me:

Boss        Logging     Stats       config      tsig_keys   
Cmdctl      Resolver    StatsHttpd  help        

Here is another example. Press "S" and TAB three times. Then I type "H" and TAB. And then SPACE and TAB.

> Stats
Stats       StatsHttpd  
> StatsHttpd 
help      shutdown  status    

If it does not work, I think it is related to ticket #677.

As for the shortened commands, I think discussion on bind10-dev mailing list would be better to propose this.

comment:3 Changed 9 years ago by cas

I can confirm that command completion does work on a different machine, so it is probably the same issue as in #677.

I will bring the discussion of short commands to the mailing list.

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