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#5571 CQL lease backend should store hwtype and hwaddr_source for v4 enhancement low Kea1.x database-cassandra
#5578 Remove code duplication for host parsers and toElement enhancement low Outstanding Tasks host-reservations
#5594 Transmit enable logger check down to make distcheck enhancement low Outstanding Tasks Unclassified
#5606 Need a way to selectively remove hooks from build tree enhancement medium Outstanding Tasks build system
#5610 address defects signaled by lgtm defect low Kea1.x Unclassified
#5616 Make DHO_DHCP_MESSAGE_TYPE be first defect medium Outstanding Tasks dhcp
#5623 Implement output-interface support for DHCPv6 enhancement medium Outstanding Tasks dhcp6
#5640 Remove FAQ section, move useful ones to KB enhancement medium Outstanding Tasks documentation
#5643 Test Host Cache hook library with other host reservation backends task medium Kea1.5 QA tests
#5653 Missing log placeholder in forensic log defect low Kea-proposed logging
#5661 Excellent Language Skills defect low Outstanding Tasks ~Boss of BIND (obsolete)
#5662 Implement lease4-get-range and lease6-get-range commands enhancement medium Kea1.x hook-lease-cmds
#5665 extend host cache to getAll enhancement medium Kea-proposed host-reservations
#5671 Distribution kit includes database upgrade*.sh files defect low Kea-proposed build system
#5679 Header files should be able to be compiled "standalone" enhancement medium Kea-proposed Unclassified
#5698 how to manage comments defect medium Kea-proposed config-backend
#5699 netconf possible issue with JSON string holding binary value. defect medium Kea-proposed netconf
#5702 CQL shell tests missing tests for host reservations enhancement low Kea-proposed database-cassandra
#5710 config-get API call returns error with some Cassandra backend options defect medium Kea-proposed Unclassified
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