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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#2558 fromJSON is not able to handle full uint32 range defect medium Kea0.8 configuration
#2757 CMDCTL_COMMAND_ERROR error in command set_config to module ConfigManager: [Errno 32] Broken pipe defect medium Sprint-20131015 configuration
#3003 crashes due to uncaught exception without datasrc.spec vorner defect medium Sprint-20131001 configuration
#3073 [kean] Add empty() method to Element kean enhancement medium Sprint-20131015 configuration
#3174 PKG_CONFIG not used correctly by configure defect very low Common Outstanding Tasks configuration
#3239 Configuring int value in quotes print funny error muks defect low bind10-1.2-release-freeze configuration
#3374 Component removal broken, Revert 3339 and 3373 tmark defect high Kea0.9 configuration
#3439 cppcheck fails after the merge of #3409. marcin defect medium Kea0.9 configuration
#3524 executable json example files tomek defect low Kea0.9 configuration
#3531 compilation error on Centos after merging 3477 tomek defect medium Kea0.9 configuration
#3613 erase invalids its iterator fdupont defect high Kea0.9.1beta configuration
#3627 cleanup configure gtest sources stephen enhancement low Kea0.9.2-beta configuration
#3632 qualifying-suffix parameter in DDNS configuration - it has default value. fdupont defect medium Kea0.9.1beta configuration
#3697 Cryptic error when using invalid config fdupont defect medium Kea0.9.2-beta configuration
#3713 path_replacer bark on '+' fdupont defect low Kea0.9.2-beta configuration
#4261 Invalid error message pertaining to hosts database configuration marcin defect medium Kea1.1-final configuration
#5338 split configuration into separate files (was: config-write writes empty (default) configuration to a file) marcin defect medium Kea1.3-final configuration
#5360 Shared networks parser fix: client-classes match-client-id tomek defect medium Kea1.3 beta configuration
#5418 better error than bad lexical cast tmark defect low Kea1.4-final configuration
#5573 fix configure script for --enable-generate-parser option defect medium Kea1.4 configuration
#5596 Default values for renew-timer and rebind-timer need to follow RFC2131 tmark defect high Kea1.4-final configuration
#2406 alternative crypto provider (use OpenSSL rather than Botan) fdupont enhancement low Kea0.9 crypto
#3454 fix truncated HMAC verify fdupont enhancement low Kea0.9 crypto
#3471 Duplicated code in Botan/OpenSSL cryptolink fdupont task low Kea0.9.1beta crypto
#3482 openssl_hash and EVP_sha256 not declared fdupont defect low Kea0.9.1beta crypto
#3602 cryptolink cleanups fdupont enhancement low Kea0.9.1beta crypto
#3908 port cryptolink fixes fdupont defect low Kea1.2 crypto
#5156 check libreSSL support defect medium Kea1.2 crypto
#5178 check build with Botan 2.x task low Kea1.2 crypto
#5382 Botan 2.3.0 compatibility fdupont defect medium Kea1.4-final crypto
#5502 Cassandra explicitly depends on openssl fdupont defect medium Kea1.4 crypto
#69 review: data source hangs with CNAME loops each defect low 05. 3rd Incremental Release: Serious Secondary data source
#77 Catch schema error exceptions defect low data source
#137 review: some cleanups for xfrin zhanglikun enhancement medium data source
#162 REVIEW: rename libauth to libdatasrc (1 day) each task low 04. 2nd Incremental Release: Early Adopters data source
#200 use new Name::split() in data source jinmei enhancement low 05. 3rd Incremental Release: Serious Secondary data source
#249 review: auth server can return SERVFAIL with an answer jinmei defect medium 05. 3rd Incremental Release: Serious Secondary data source
#273 passing NULL to non-pointer argument 3 for some unit tests each defect medium 06. 4th Incremental Release data source
#274 additional developers in authors.bind jreed enhancement medium 06. 4th Incremental Release data source
#288 "use after destroy" in sqlite3_datasrc (which breaks sunstudio) UnAssigned defect high 06. 4th Incremental Release data source
#290 review: suggestion of minor improvement to datasrc/cache jinmei enhancement very low 06. 4th Incremental Release data source
#307 review: A DS query could crash b10-auth jinmei defect high y2 6 month milestone data source
#324 improve SQL data source performance jinmei enhancement medium Sprint-20120417 data source
#326 Race condition in first startup (when database file does not exist) jelte defect medium Sprint-20110830 data source
#397 Port generic red-black tree (RBT) data structure from BIND-9 hanfeng enhancement medium data source
#399 zone table class for in memory data source jinmei task medium y2 12 month milestone data source
#411 isc.datasrc.master's isttl() regex is broken jinmei defect medium y2 12 month milestone data source
#454 Zone cut handling in MemoryZone jinmei task medium y2 12 month milestone data source
#461 Empty node processing in MemoryZone Easy Part hanfeng enhancement high A-Team-Sprint-20110126 data source
#504 CNAME Implementation jinmei enhancement medium A-Team-Sprint-20110126 data source
#683 rbtree fails to perform partial match on the root name jinmei defect high A-Team-Sprint-20110316 data source
#851 b10-auth (+ hotspot cache) can crash in handling query when DB is busy jinmei defect high Sprint-20110503 data source
#985 sqlite3_ds might not clean up well in load() method jelte defect medium Sprint-20110614 data source
#1029 DATASRC_QUERY_PROCESS message: mismatch between arguments and placeholders stephen defect low Sprint-20110712 data source
#1084 MemoryZone::add fails with shared_ptr assertion fail if debug logging is enabled stephen defect low Sprint-20110712 data source
#1181 SQLite3Database should differentiate SQLITE_DONE & other errors defect medium Sprint-20121009 data source
#1208 Remove old implementation of data source UnAssigned task medium Sprint-20131015 data source
#1215 use new data source for version.bind, etc UnAssigned task medium Sprint-20131015 data source
#1216 SQLite3Accessor constructor should only accept rrclass as a string jinmei defect low Sprint-20111011 data source
#1217 Error in automatically updating TTLs that do not match in an RRset jelte defect medium Sprint-20111122 data source
#1289 nested dlopen through python failure jelte defect very high Sprint-20111011 data source
#1384 tests after #1217 don't always work jelte defect very high Sprint-20111122 data source
#1444 DATASRC_SQLITE_DROPCONN log message not useful muks defect medium Sprint-20131015 data source
#1551 in-memory datasource allow RRSIG, NSEC, and CNAME at same time jinmei defect medium Sprint-20120207 data source
#1571 DS query handling in in-memory data source jinmei task high Sprint-20120207 data source
#1605 introduce special RRset for in memory data source stephen task medium Sprint-20120306 data source
#1611 ZoneFinder::find refactoring: separate normal result codes and special case flags jinmei task medium Sprint-20120207 data source
#1717 missing diffs table in database jelte defect medium Sprint-20120306 data source
#1746 cleanup: remove "temporary" SQLite3Accessor::getRecordDiff() jinmei defect medium Sprint-20120417 data source
#1749 implement RBNodeRRset::isSameKind() muks task high Sprint-20120320 data source
#1756 revise "ITERATE" query in sqlite3_accessor muks defect medium Sprint-20130205 data source
#1771 database datasource incorrectly rejects "on zonecut" glue jinmei defect medium Sprint-20120703 data source
#1845 SQLite3Update.rollbackFailure test fails jelte defect very high Sprint-20120417 data source
#1899 performance issue of SQLite3 "iterate" query (w/ or w/o NSEC3) muks defect medium Sprint-20121009 data source
#1912 handle type DS query in database-based data sources correctly jinmei defect medium Sprint-20120612 data source
#1971 untested cases in RBtree previousNode muks defect medium Sprint-20120529 data source
#2033 remove ZoneFinder::findPreviousName() jinmei defect low Sprint-20120703 data source
#2054 make sure RBTree nodeFission() preserves the name of the original node muks defect medium Sprint-20120807 data source
#2088 introduce MemorySegment class muks task medium Sprint-20120717 data source
#2092 RBNode parent pointer updates muks task medium Sprint-20120731 data source
#2105 introduce node deleter of new RBTree muks task medium Sprint-20120807 data source
#2106 allow RBTree::find to take LabelSequence muks task medium Sprint-20120731 data source
#2108 redefine in-memory zone load() muks task medium Sprint-20120918 data source
#2152 regression in rdata_encoder jinmei defect very high Sprint-20120731 data source
#2178 Logging for Out-of-zone data jelte defect medium Sprint-20120904 data source
#2182 Simplify RBTree::deleteHelper() and make it non-recursive muks enhancement low Sprint-20120807 data source
#2206 define and implement ZoneTableSegment class muks task medium Sprint-20121009 data source
#2208 Revise InMemoryClient and ConfigurableClientList::configure() using ZoneTableSegment muks task medium Sprint-20121106 data source
#2218 update InMemoryZoneFinder::findNSEC3 using memory-efficient version muks task medium Sprint-20121023 data source
#2220 tickets that can be closed by switching to new datasrc defect medium Sprint-20121009 data source
#2267 new generateRRsetFromIterator doesn't handle RRSIGs correctly jinmei defect medium Sprint-20120925 data source
#2268 some cleanups for in-memory zone load muks task medium Sprint-20121023 data source
#2276 avoid uninitialized variable from in-memory getClosestNSEC muks defect medium Sprint-20121009 data source
#2281 use new in-memory data source in the static data source muks task high Sprint-20130219 data source
#2292 eliminate const_cast from domaintree.h vorner defect medium Sprint-20121023 data source
#2299 use the shortcut DomainTree::find() for finding wildcard muks task high bind10-1.2-release-freeze data source
#2301 Update ANY_SUB query to use LIKE clause efficiently muks enhancement medium Sprint-20121009 data source
#2412 Deprecate ConfigurableClientList::reload() UnAssigned task medium bind10-1.2-release-freeze data source
#2420 allow loading zones containing an orphan RRSIG jinmei defect medium Sprint-20121204 data source
#2421 don't reject configuring entire inmemory datasrc due to one broken zone muks defect medium Sprint-20121120 data source
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