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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#3692 Kea4 hangs during processing DHCPDISCOVER in host reservation process marcin defect high Kea0.9.1beta dhcp4
#3810 Kea4 not checking spelling for "ip-address" in reservation array. marcin defect medium Kea0.9.2-beta dhcp4
#3234 Kea4/6: reconfigure increases subnet_id tomek defect high Kea0.8 ~dhcpconf(obsolete)
#3233 Kea4: We send back ICMP Port Unreachable for each incoming packet defect medium Kea0.8 dhcp4
#3242 Kea4: check if only remote traffic can be supported marcin defect high Kea0.8 dhcp4
#3184 Kea4: does not echo back relay agent info option tomek defect very high Sprint-DHCP-20131016 dhcp4
#3180 Kea6 is not able to handle relayed traffic from DOCSIS3.0 marcin defect very high Sprint-DHCP-20131016 dhcp6
#3177 Kea6 realy agent - incorrect port number tomek defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20131016 dhcp6
#3913 Kea6 sends existing lease without renewing (was: Kea4 saves one lease multiple times) marcin defect medium Kea0.9.2 dhcp4
#1295 Kea: pack/unpack should use size_t instead of unsigned int UnAssigned task low Sprint-DHCP-20120514 dhcp
#5133 KeaPremium is more than broken defect medium Kea1.2 Unclassified
#994 LDFLAGS/LIBS confusion jelte defect low build system
#3667 LFC: Add logging support (syslog only, no configuration parsing) in kea-lfc sar task medium Kea0.9.1beta dhcp
#3685 LFC: Update the Kea LFC design with the most recent comments on the mail list sar task low Kea0.9.1beta documentation
#3664 LFC: create stub kea-lfc program implementation sar task medium Kea0.9.1beta dhcp
#2053 LabelSequence::toText() and operator<< muks task medium Sprint-20120717 libdns++
#1028 Large memory footprint for b10-xfrin jinmei defect medium Sprint-20111108 xfrin
#3747 Lease selection via Client ID vs Hardware address marcin defect high Kea0.9.2-beta dhcp4
#1757 Lettuce failing with wrong number of additionals UnAssigned defect medium Sprint-20120417 b10-auth
#2790 Lettuce tests timing & missed messages jelte defect medium Sprint-20130402 Unclassified
#5201 Library version bump for the 1.2 release tmark task medium Kea1.2 build system
#5183 License headers for forensic logging library need update UnAssigned defect high Kea1.2 hooks
#244 Loadzone cannot handle missing name and ttl jreed defect medium loadzone
#174 Loadzone: Make a collection of zone files to test loadzone jreed task medium 05. 3rd Incremental Release: Serious Secondary loadzone
#4717 Log messages: DHCPSRV_MEMFILE_GET_EXPIRED{4,6} are swapped marcin defect medium Kea1.1-final logging
#2178 Logging for Out-of-zone data jelte defect medium Sprint-20120904 data source
#3533 LoggingTest in dhcpsrv modifies the logging settings of the other tests stephen defect medium Kea0.9.1beta logging
#4026 LoggingTest.basicSpec fails fdupont defect high Kea1.0-beta Unclassified
#3691 MAC in DHCPv6 method "ipv6-link-local" not working tmark defect medium Kea0.9.1 dhcp6
#2617 MSGQ_RECV_ERR errors on clean shutdown jinmei defect medium Sprint-20130219 ~msgq (obsolete)
#3172 Make BIND 10 compile with the latest version of clang++ muks defect medium Sprint-20131015 Unclassified
#688 Make Message::hasRRset() const muks defect very low Sprint-20131015 libdns++
#1351 Make TSIG configuration consistent jelte defect medium Sprint-20121218 xfrin
#1102 Make message about out-of-bailiwick data less verbose UnAssigned enhancement low Sprint-20120403 b10-auth
#3313 Make minor optimization of wildcard concatenation in database datasource muks enhancement medium bind10-1.2-release-freeze data source
#2449 Make needed things for bindctl readline support more clear jinmei enhancement medium Sprint-20121120 ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#4265 Make options inserted by a v6 relay agent available for the classification sar enhancement medium Kea1.1 classification
#2811 Make some DomainTree code updates muks enhancement medium Sprint-20130806 data source
#3287 Make various SSHFP updates muks defect medium Sprint-20131015 libdns++
#3659 Malformed packets returned by Kea (involving option 81) tomek defect medium Kea0.9.1 Unclassified
#3917 Management API missing in DHCP6 section of the User's Guide tomek defect low Kea0.9.2-beta documentation
#1621 Maximum versions incorrectly set in stephen defect very low Sprint-20131015 logging
#4339 Memfile backend: lease indexes not updated when lease is updated marcin defect high Kea1.1 database-all
#641 Memory leaks in NSAS stephen defect medium R-Team-Sprint-20110316 Unclassified
#643 Memory leaks in the cache zhanglikun defect medium R-Team-Sprint-20110316 Unclassified
#3056 MemorySegmentMappedTest.badAllocate fails when run as root user muks defect medium Sprint-20130723 data source
#1084 MemoryZone::add fails with shared_ptr assertion fail if debug logging is enabled stephen defect low Sprint-20110712 data source
#3339 Merge config changes with existing config in Kea doesn't work for map elements tmark defect high Kea0.8 ~dhcp-ddns(obsolete)
#3286 Message::fromWire cannot be called more than once per instance muks defect low bind10-1.2-release-freeze libdns++
#956 Message::toWire() should be TSIG agnostic muks enhancement medium bind10-1.2-release-freeze libdns++
#906 MessageTest::toText fails for the second test data file UnAssigned defect medium Sprint-20110517 build system
#2004 Message_makeResponse (libdns++ python wrapper) should catch exceptions muks defect medium Sprint-20120612 libdns++
#5270 Minor typo fixed in one log message (DHCPRSV => DHCPSRV) tomek defect very low Kea1.3 beta logging
#3696 Missing lease-database entry confuses Kea marcin defect medium Kea1.1 dhcp6
#848 Missing name when using errno in shane defect low Sprint-20110517 xfrin
#3996 Missing parameter for ALLOC_ENGINE_V4_REQUEST_OUT_OF_POOL stephen defect medium Kea1.0-beta Unclassified
#1471 Missing parameters on TTL fix defect medium Sprint-20120110 Unclassified
#1831 MockXfrinConnection.setblocking is deprecated pselkirk defect medium Sprint-20130402 xfrin
#3404 Modify D2 to ignore configuration parts intended for other components tmark enhancement medium Kea0.9 ~dhcp-ddns(obsolete)
#1034 Modify asiodns messages stephen enhancement low Sprint-20110628 logging
#3939 Modify keatctrl to use server PID files tmark task low Kea0.9.2 scripts
#494 Modify resolver to use abstract resolver interface jelte enhancement medium R-Team-Sprint-20110208 resolver
#698 ModuleCCSession object may group_unsubscribe in the closed CC session in being deleted naokikambe defect medium Sprint-20110405 message-library
#473 ModuleCCSession only validates config data, not commands jelte enhancement medium configuration
#260 More suggestions to bindctl shentingting enhancement low ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#3121 Move error detection logic from commit()s to builds() in tmark enhancement low Kea0.9 ~dhcp-ddns(obsolete)
#353 Move function 'check_port()' and 'check_addr()' to one library vorner enhancement medium Unclassified
#2513 Move libdhcsrv.dox to dhcpsrv directory stephen defect very low Sprint-DHCP-20121213 dhcp
#22 MsgQ review hanfeng task very high 06. 4th Incremental Release ~msgq (obsolete)
#5627 Multiple files require update in Premium hooks tomek defect high Kea1.4 hooks
#5535 Multiple relay addresses per subnet tmark enhancement medium Kea1.4 dhcp4
#4237 MySQL SQL statments can fail due to inconsistent use of engine settings when creating tables tmark defect medium Kea1.0 database-all
#2837 MySQL STRICT mode causes libdhcpsrv unit tests t fail when MySQL STRICT mode is enabled tmark defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20130411 libdhcp
#3164 MySQL connection timeout for invalid hosts is can be large stephen defect low Kea1.1 database-all
#4238 MySQL foreign key constraint prevents kea-dhcp6 from inserting leases with hwarddr_source = 0 tmark defect high Kea1.0 database-all
#5629 MySQL should test and error on connect if the schema version is wrong tmark defect medium Kea1.4-final database-mysql
#2821 MySQLLeaseManager does not close db if constructor fails jelte defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20130328 Unclassified
#2972 MySqlLeaseMgrTest.checkVersion in lib/dhcpsrv fails in some environments tmark defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20130620 database-all
#117 NSEC3 RDATA needs more tests and has serious bugs jinmei defect high A-Team-Sprint-20110223 libdns++
#1638 NSEC3PARAM rdata should have more tests jinmei defect medium Sprint-20120221 libdns++
#2951 NXDOMAIN case at root server results in SERVFAIL w/ sqlite3 datasrc muks defect medium Sprint-20131015 data source
#403 Name bug in item enumeration (function appends '/' to some keys) jelte defect medium configuration
#3299 NameAddTransaction should include lease TTL in DDNS RRsets tmark defect medium Kea0.9 ~dhcp-ddns(obsolete)
#4243 NameChangeUDPTest.roundTripTest fails on Ubuntu 15.10 (gcc-5 ?) tmark defect medium Kea1.1 ddns
#1968 Need ifacemgr stubs for Solaris tomek defect very low Sprint-DHCP-20120514 libdhcp
#1908 Need to bind v6 socket to local address to enable perfdhcp work marcin defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20120402 perfdhcp
#625 Need to deprecate src/lib/python/isc/utils task very low Unclassified
#3080 New DB backend: Postgres (patch) tmark enhancement medium Kea0.8 database-all
#1193 New cppcheck adds new recommendations jelte defect medium Sprint-20120306 Unclassified
#3919 New cppcheck failures in the libdhcp, dhcp6 unit tests and control socket fdupont defect low Kea0.9.2 dhcp
#2726 New cppcheck reports vorner defect medium Sprint-20130625 Unclassified
#2123 New suggestions by cppcheck 1.55 vorner defect medium Sprint-20120731 Unclassified
#3336 No renew and rebind times in server respond. marcin defect medium Kea0.9 dhcp4
#284 Not every 'data' parsing is done with json jelte defect low 06. 4th Incremental Release Unclassified
#67 Not using shared libraries jreed task low build system
#2451 Note that running BIND 10 does not start a DNS server by default muks task medium Sprint-20121204 documentation
#964 Notify does not work for IPv6 jinmei defect medium Sprint-20110614 xfrout
#289 Notify-out implementation zhanglikun task medium 06. 4th Incremental Release xfrin
#5607 ObservationTest.timers fails from time to time defect medium Kea1.4-final tests
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