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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#916 implement a prototype for stats snmp interface naokikambe task medium Sprint-20111220 statistics
#917 update stats-httpd to return only specified statistics naokikambe enhancement medium Sprint-20111122 statistics
#920 extension to TSIG: support truncated signature fdupont enhancement medium Kea0.9.1beta libdns++
#928 Add statistics category into spec file of each module, and update cfgmgr to handle it naokikambe enhancement medium Sprint-20110816 configuration
#929 Add an interface into cfgmgr to get statistics list of each module naokikambe enhancement medium Sprint-20110816 configuration
#930 update stats modules to get statistics list from cfgmgr, and define the list in spec file of each module naokikambe enhancement medium Sprint-20111011 statistics
#945 zonemgr crashes on some configs jelte defect very high Sprint-20110531 Unclassified
#946 xfrin fails to do retransfer with TSIG jinmei defect medium Sprint-20110531 xfrin
#950 DATASRC_SQLITE_ENCLOSURE_BAD_CLASS message is bogus shane defect medium Sprint-20110614 Unclassified
#951 SHA224 unsupported algorithm unit test failure jelte defect medium Sprint-20110531 Unclassified
#954 avoid using macro in crypto_unittests jinmei defect medium Sprint-20110614 Unclassified
#955 xfrin should check TSIG before other part of incoming message zzchen_pku defect medium Sprint-20110614 xfrin
#956 Message::toWire() should be TSIG agnostic muks enhancement medium bind10-1.2-release-freeze libdns++
#957 IntervalTimerTest.destructIntervalTimer segfaults y-aharen defect medium Sprint-20110614 Unclassified
#964 Notify does not work for IPv6 jinmei defect medium Sprint-20110614 xfrout
#967 nested lists in configuration doesn't work jelte defect medium Sprint-20110531 configuration
#971 bin/resolver/ variables should be explicitly initialized to NULL. jinmei defect medium Sprint-20110531 resolver
#985 sqlite3_ds might not clean up well in load() method jelte defect medium Sprint-20110614 data source
#988 Infinite loop on xfrout jinmei defect very high Sprint-20120619 xfrout
#990 DHCPv6 server as a dummy BIND 10 component tomek enhancement medium Sprint-DHCP-20110628 Unclassified
#992 DHCP IPv4 server as a dummy BIND 10 component tomek enhancement medium Sprint-DHCP-20111221 dhcp4
#993 individual list item addressing (C++) UnAssigned defect medium Sprint-20131015 Unclassified
#994 LDFLAGS/LIBS confusion jelte defect low build system
#1001 busy loop in notify_out zzchen_pku defect medium Sprint-20110628 xfrout
#1006 loader error for sunstudio build jreed defect medium build system
#1016 IntervalTimerTest shouldn't rely on the accuracy of the timer y-aharen defect low Sprint-20110802 Unclassified
#1017 make check fails with non-src build directory UnAssigned defect medium Sprint-20110628 Unclassified
#1018 resolver will not start: RESOLVER_FAILED, resolver failed, reason: module_name missing in { } UnAssigned defect very high Sprint-20110628 resolver
#1021 stats_httpd needs to test xml_handler() naokikambe defect medium Sprint-20110802 statistics
#1022 b10-auth needs to do init log stephen defect high Sprint-20110628 b10-auth
#1023 b10-auth crashes with -v for version.bind query vorner defect high Sprint-20110628 b10-auth
#1028 Large memory footprint for b10-xfrin jinmei defect medium Sprint-20111108 xfrin
#1029 DATASRC_QUERY_PROCESS message: mismatch between arguments and placeholders stephen defect low Sprint-20110712 data source
#1030 ImportError on OSX after merge of #1010 jelte defect medium Sprint-20110628 Unclassified
#1033 need unittest for %q and log time muks defect medium Sprint-20131015 logging
#1034 Modify asiodns messages stephen enhancement low Sprint-20110628 logging
#1041 BIND10 build fails if a directory in the path has spaces jelte defect medium Sprint-20110830 configuration
#1052 B10_LOGGER_SEVERITY and B10_LOGGER_DBGLEVEL ignored or no complaint if bogus values UnAssigned defect medium Sprint-20131015 logging
#1053 ImportError: cannot import name log_config_update UnAssigned defect very high Sprint-20110712 logging
#1056 Fix false alarm on clang++ due to compiler's template-RTTI confusion UnAssigned defect very high Sprint-20110628 Unclassified
#1057 acl test doesn't compile due to duplicate symbol jinmei defect very high Sprint-20110628 build system
#1072 Element::fromJSON accepts "{" (a single opening curly brace) jelte defect medium Sprint-20110712 configuration
#1075 Rewording of CC and DATASRC messages stephen defect low Sprint-20110802 logging
#1080 bug in config set <list>[index] where index does not exist defect medium Sprint-20110830 Unclassified
#1081 some log4cplus errors are propagated jelte defect medium Sprint-20130108 logging
#1084 MemoryZone::add fails with shared_ptr assertion fail if debug logging is enabled stephen defect low Sprint-20110712 data source
#1090 and b10-xfrout.xml have old logging vorner defect medium Sprint-20120306 xfrout
#1091 libutil_unittests and pyunittests_util installed jreed defect medium Unclassified
#1093 Duplicate message ID should cause program to terminate jelte defect low Sprint-20120320 logging
#1096 change default of handle_logging_config in ModuleCCSession jelte task medium Sprint-20110802 Unclassified
#1097 Typo in test name task very low Sprint-20110712 b10-auth
#1100 Incorrect constant for logging message in xfrin defect medium Sprint-20110712 xfrin
#1102 Make message about out-of-bailiwick data less verbose UnAssigned enhancement low Sprint-20120403 b10-auth
#1136 RR type implementation: SSHFP muks enhancement low Sprint-20120320 libdns++
#1150 python test scripts generated by configure should be in _SCRIPTS vorner enhancement high Sprint-20110830 build system
#1152 dhcp6 triggered unused-but-set-variable of g++ 4.6 tomek defect medium Sprint-20111011 dhcp
#1153 zonemgr exits on empty zones zzchen_pku defect medium Sprint-20110830 secondary manager
#1155 Solaris x86 8.0 build fixes dvv defect medium Sprint-20110802 Unclassified
#1171 Stats show foo is accepted defect medium statistics
#1172 Stats show with multiple items crashes bindctl jelte defect medium Sprint-20120403 ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#1175 find another solution to synchronize between threads used in unittests for stats naokikambe defect medium Sprint-20111011 statistics
#1180 msgq dies on socket send error jelte defect medium Sprint-20111025 ~msgq (obsolete)
#1181 SQLite3Database should differentiate SQLITE_DONE & other errors defect medium Sprint-20121009 data source
#1186 libdhcp implementation - DHCPv6 part tomek enhancement medium Sprint-DHCP-20111026 dhcp
#1192 not stopping and using high cpu naokikambe defect medium Sprint-20111025 statistics
#1193 New cppcheck adds new recommendations jelte defect medium Sprint-20120306 Unclassified
#1194 Use pkg-config for botan jelte defect high Sprint-20111108 build system
#1197 .gitignore file would be helpful muks enhancement very low Sprint-20120320 build system
#1199 description for ZoneFinder is old jinmei defect medium Sprint-20110927 documentation
#1201 On Ubuntu 11.04, if libbz2-dev is missing, configure stops with message that botan 1.8 is missing jelte defect medium Sprint-20120320 build system
#1202 bind 10 20110819 fails to compile on Ubuntu 11.04 (amd64) stephen defect medium Sprint-20111011 Unclassified
#1208 Remove old implementation of data source UnAssigned task medium Sprint-20131015 data source
#1215 use new data source for version.bind, etc UnAssigned task medium Sprint-20131015 data source
#1216 SQLite3Accessor constructor should only accept rrclass as a string jinmei defect low Sprint-20111011 data source
#1217 Error in automatically updating TTLs that do not match in an RRset jelte defect medium Sprint-20111122 data source
#1220 strange bindctl config show output muks defect low Sprint-20120403 ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#1224 V4 packet library - basic framework tomek task medium Sprint-DHCP-20111026 dhcp
#1225 V4 packet library - fixed header fields tomek task medium Sprint-DHCP-20111026 dhcp
#1226 V4 packet library - packet parsing tomek task medium Sprint-DHCP-20111109 dhcp
#1227 V4 packet library - packet assembly tomek task medium Sprint-DHCP-20111109 dhcp
#1229 V4 state machine - basic framework tomek task medium Sprint-DHCP-20111221 dhcp4
#1230 V4 state machine - respond to DISCOVER packets tomek task medium Sprint-DHCP-20111230 dhcp4
#1231 V4 state machine - respond to REQUEST packets tomek task medium Sprint-DHCP-20111230 dhcp4
#1237 Interface detection on Linux tomek task medium Sprint-DHCP-20111230 dhcp
#1239 Receiving data over V4 tomek task medium Sprint-DHCP-20111230 dhcp4
#1240 Transmission of data over IPv4 tomek task medium Sprint-DHCP-20111230 dhcp4
#1243 stats test shouldn't have its own "isc" packages defect medium Year 3 Task Backlog statistics
#1246 socketcreator breaks "FROM_SOURCE" environment jelte defect medium Sprint-20111108 ~Boss of BIND (obsolete)
#1247 distcheck should enable gtest when possible jreed enhancement medium Sprint-20111011 build system
#1248 non qualified name is used in jinmei defect very low Sprint-20111011 configuration
#1271 the boss process is too impatient while waiting for cfgmgr stephen defect medium Sprint-20111108 Unclassified
#1273 old python datasrc classes import problem jelte defect very high Sprint-20111011 Unclassified
#1274 config_plugins installation location and python byte compilation UnAssigned defect low Sprint-20111025 Unclassified
#1275 A temporary socket file is not removed after each statistics test naokikambe defect medium Sprint-20111025 statistics
#1277 src/lib/datasrc/tests unittest failure due to missing testdata jreed defect low Sprint-20111025 Unclassified
#1281 dhcp6 tests made distcheck (with gtest) fail (+ interfaces.txt removal) tomek defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20120528 dhcp
#1282 IfaceMgr::openSocket takes int, should be uint16_t UnAssigned enhancement medium Sprint-DHCP-20120514 libdhcp
#1283 define operator<< for IOAddress muks defect medium Sprint-20131015 build system
#1285 [critical] wrong install directory for jinmei defect very high Sprint-20111011 xfrin
#1286 C++ test code should be built by 'make' jreed defect medium Sprint-20111025 build system
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