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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#626 unexpected response from bind10 (SERVFAIL from auth server) (hotcache issue) jinmei defect high A-Team-Sprint-20110316 b10-auth
#646 b10-auth can miss necessary glue jinmei defect medium A-Team-Sprint-20110316 b10-auth
#649 b10-auth listen on :: and by default jreed defect medium b10-auth
#657 listen_on for b10-auth leads to 100% CPU usage vorner defect very high A-Team-Sprint-20110309 b10-auth
#713 b10-auth output about datasources is confusing defect low b10-auth
#775 b10-auth should not exit if it cannot bind to ports hanfeng defect high Sprint-20110503 b10-auth
#867 b10-auth can't handle 'version' field in config data responses jelte defect medium Sprint-20110531 b10-auth
#1022 b10-auth needs to do init log stephen defect high Sprint-20110628 b10-auth
#1023 b10-auth crashes with -v for version.bind query vorner defect high Sprint-20110628 b10-auth
#1097 Typo in test name task very low Sprint-20110712 b10-auth
#1102 Make message about out-of-bailiwick data less verbose UnAssigned enhancement low Sprint-20120403 b10-auth
#1308 auth NSEC support: Handle WILDCARD_EMPTY case kevin_tes task medium Sprint-20111206 b10-auth
#1310 auth NSEC support: Handle WILDCARD_NXRRSET case kevin_tes task medium Sprint-20111206 b10-auth
#1349 Update "Authoritative Query Logic" design to support NSEC3 jiangchao defect high Sprint-20111122 b10-auth
#1516 Add sender details when AUTH_UNSUPPORTED_OPCODE is logged muks defect low Sprint-20131015 b10-auth
#1557 fixed regression for auth/query_bench jinmei defect medium Sprint-20120124 b10-auth
#1573 auth::Query needs to return DS for secure delegation jelte task high Sprint-20120207 b10-auth
#1580 auth::Query NSEC3 support: Name Error case kevin_tes task medium Sprint-20120221 b10-auth
#1584 auth::Query NSEC3 support: Wildcard answer case haikuo task medium Sprint-20120221 b10-auth
#1600 Use UDPSyncServer for b10-auth kevin_tes task medium Sprint-20120320 b10-auth
#1612 b10-auth should catch exceptions in response building jelte defect medium Sprint-20120306 b10-auth
#1626 Error: Unable to parse response from Auth: Expecting , delimiter: line 1 column 87 (char 87) jelte defect medium Sprint-20120403 b10-auth
#1688 duplicate RR suprression in auth::Query jinmei task medium Sprint-20120403 b10-auth
#1695 auth::Query doesn't honor DO bit jelte defect very high Sprint-20120221 b10-auth
#1701 in-mem ds dnssec wildcard response error jinmei defect high Sprint-20120306 b10-auth
#1757 Lettuce failing with wrong number of additionals UnAssigned defect medium Sprint-20120417 b10-auth
#1783 auth could cause duplicate buffer free on exception jinmei defect high Sprint-20120320 b10-auth
#1796 should go to Query class muks task medium bind10-1.2-release-freeze b10-auth
#1836 delegation + DO often results in exception->SERVFAIL jinmei defect high Sprint-20120403 b10-auth
#1856 lettuce multi_instance test should use a dedicated DB file muks defect medium Sprint-20120515 b10-auth
#1986 b10-auth shouldn't try to forward update requests without ddns running jelte defect medium Sprint-20120731 b10-auth
#2138 update the Auth module according to the new statistics model fujiwara enhancement medium Sprint-20120904 b10-auth
#2159 in-tree lettuce fails due to missing vorner defect high Sprint-20120807 b10-auth
#2160 b10-auth should clear Message at the end of request handling jelte defect medium Sprint-20120918 b10-auth
#2216 update query_bench so it will use the new data source config jinmei defect medium Sprint-20120904 b10-auth
#2459 call to getCachedZoneWriter must be protected by mutex jinmei defect medium Sprint-20121120 b10-auth
#2471 use after free in DNAME processing jinmei defect very high Sprint-20121120 b10-auth
#2480 use real data sources in auth QueryTest jinmei defect medium Sprint-20130108 b10-auth
#2562 CC_TIMEOUT with no zonemgr when handling NOTIFY jinmei defect medium Sprint-20130402 b10-auth
#2587 investigate and fix AuthSrvTest.DDNSForward regression on NetBSD jelte defect medium Sprint-20130122 b10-auth
#2659 handle empty-nonterminal name with opt-outed NSEC3 jinmei defect medium Sprint-20130219 b10-auth
#2756 AUTH_DATASRC_CLIENTS_BUILDER_RECONFIGURE_ERROR should name the datasource muks enhancement high bind10-1.2-release-freeze b10-auth
#2903 need more asio error handling in asiodns jinmei defect medium Sprint-20130514 b10-auth
#2935 the "checkin" callback for asiodns server classes should be removed muks defect medium Sprint-20130806 b10-auth
#2942 b10-auth terminated with signal 6, Aborted. defect very high b10-auth
#2946 avoid handling DNSServer events after free jinmei defect medium Sprint-20130528 b10-auth
#2947 Old static DS breaks loading of other zones muks defect high Sprint-20130625 b10-auth
#67 Not using shared libraries jreed task low build system
#148 review: bind10_dns and bind10_xfr find needed libboost_python and libpython jinmei defect medium 05. 3rd Incremental Release: Serious Secondary build system
#217 remove ext/boost jreed task medium 04. 2nd Incremental Release: Early Adopters build system
#251 support SunStudio C++ compiler jinmei enhancement medium 05. 3rd Incremental Release: Serious Secondary build system
#291 cleanup: use #include <file> versus #include "file" jreed task very low 06. 4th Incremental Release build system
#293 fix to build error for in house base_n headers with older boost jinmei defect medium 06. 4th Incremental Release build system
#309 cleanup proposal: avoid using .libs in jreed enhancement low y2 6 month milestone build system
#313 [MacOS] python loadable modules cannot find C++ dynlibs in source tree jreed defect medium y2 6 month milestone build system
#315 test b10-config.db should be built on builddir UnAssigned defect low y2 6 month milestone build system
#316 make check continues even if check-local intermediate test case fails jreed defect medium build system
#323 configure try harder to find boost headers jinmei enhancement medium build system
#325 ./configure --help talks about options that do not work jinmei defect low build system
#344 test data for lib/config jinmei enhancement low y2 12 month milestone build system
#345 remove dependency on pthreads from asio jinmei enhancement low y2 12 month milestone build system
#348 remove unnecessary cast from pydnspp binding UnAssigned defect high y2 12 month milestone build system
#355 src/bin/tests causes distcheck failure jinmei defect low y2 12 month milestone build system
#365 clang++ support jinmei enhancement medium y2 12 month milestone build system
#371 adjust gen-rdatacode for faster build UnAssigned enhancement low y2 12 month milestone build system
#373 lib/config/module_spec.h shouldn't use 'using namespace' jinmei defect low y2 12 month milestone build system
#409 cleanup proposal: get rid of UNUSED_PARAM jinmei enhancement low build system
#436 review: bind10.isc (debian) requires libboost_thread jelte defect high y2 12 month milestone build system
#448 trunk (as of r3972) doesn't compile with clang++ jinmei defect high build system
#474 bind10 doesn't compile with clang++ on FreeBSD jreed defect medium y2 12 month milestone build system
#480 clang++/FreeBSD doesn't compile BIND 10 with optimization jinmei defect low build system
#560 urgent fix to log4cxx regression: allow disabling it UnAssigned defect very high R-Team-Sprint-20110208 build system
#629 PATCH: rip out broken use of DESTDIR jreed defect medium build system
#633 clang++ build failure on freebsd (again) jinmei defect very high A-Team-Sprint-20110309 build system
#710 Compilation error on Python 3.2 systems jelte defect low Sprint-20110628 build system
#868 regression fix: doesn't work jinmei defect very high Sprint-20110503 build system
#869 move auth_xfrout_conn UnAssigned defect low Sprint-20111025 build system
#890 libbotan installed in an uncommon path breaks unittest jinmei defect very high Sprint-20110503 build system
#906 MessageTest::toText fails for the second test data file UnAssigned defect medium Sprint-20110517 build system
#994 LDFLAGS/LIBS confusion jelte defect low build system
#1006 loader error for sunstudio build jreed defect medium build system
#1057 acl test doesn't compile due to duplicate symbol jinmei defect very high Sprint-20110628 build system
#1150 python test scripts generated by configure should be in _SCRIPTS vorner enhancement high Sprint-20110830 build system
#1194 Use pkg-config for botan jelte defect high Sprint-20111108 build system
#1197 .gitignore file would be helpful muks enhancement very low Sprint-20120320 build system
#1201 On Ubuntu 11.04, if libbz2-dev is missing, configure stops with message that botan 1.8 is missing jelte defect medium Sprint-20120320 build system
#1247 distcheck should enable gtest when possible jreed enhancement medium Sprint-20111011 build system
#1283 define operator<< for IOAddress muks defect medium Sprint-20131015 build system
#1286 C++ test code should be built by 'make' jreed defect medium Sprint-20111025 build system
#1363 Python wrapper build error with custom Boost path UnAssigned defect medium Sprint-20111108 build system
#1392 cleanup: remove workaround in for isc.log UnAssigned defect medium Sprint-20120306 build system
#1404 some workaround for sqlite3 schema change jinmei defect medium Sprint-20111122 build system
#1440 help string for —with-botan should be more helpful UnAssigned defect high Sprint-20120110 build system
#1442 build issue(s) on Ubuntu Oneiric (gcc-4.6 and gtest specifically) jelte defect high Sprint-20111220 build system
#1500 Huge amount of linker errors in datasource factory test vorner defect high Sprint-20111220 build system
#1501 [kean] Make install fails with relinking of sqlite3 datasource backend kean defect high Sprint-20131015 build system
#1538 Build doesn't work with automake automake-1.11.2 vorner defect medium build system
#1541 script for listing obsolete (fully merged) branches tomek enhancement low Sprint-20120320 build system
#1558 check for rpath -R flag jelte defect medium Sprint-20120124 build system
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