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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#627 bind10 crash if cfgmgr can't read configuration defect medium Unclassified
#634 libexec/bind10-devel/message compiler installed? defect medium Unclassified
#640 cfgmgr hanging and command and configurations for no-longer-running components jelte defect medium Sprint-20120221 Unclassified
#641 Memory leaks in NSAS stephen defect medium R-Team-Sprint-20110316 Unclassified
#643 Memory leaks in the cache zhanglikun defect medium R-Team-Sprint-20110316 Unclassified
#678 UDPServer and TCPServer classes need clenup and tests. hanfeng defect high A-Team-Sprint-20110316 Unclassified
#699 missing glue a record when request RR type is ANY zzchen_pku defect medium Sprint-20110405 Unclassified
#782 Implement cryptographic API using Botan hanfeng enhancement medium Sprint-20110531 Unclassified
#838 "string iterator is not dereferencable" issue ocean defect medium Sprint-20110614 Unclassified
#859 Search cache for lowest reachable delegation vorner defect medium Sprint-20110503 Unclassified
#866 Incrementing invalidated iterator stephen defect medium Sprint-20111220 Unclassified
#876 Review possible models for DHCP code sharing with BIND 10 DNS sar task medium Sprint-DHCP-20110614 Unclassified
#880 multicast binding (DHCPv6 only) enhancement medium Outstanding Tasks Unclassified
#883 propose a way forward with BIND 10 interface code task medium Outstanding Tasks Unclassified
#884 take existing list of DHCP RFCs and update it sar task medium Sprint-DHCP-20110517 Unclassified
#886 find unimplemented DHCP RFCs, update list with this sar task medium Sprint-DHCP-20110517 Unclassified
#889 new bugs from MSVC defect high Unclassified
#903 'this' : used in base member initializer list stephen defect low Sprint-20111220 Unclassified
#913 hints about "Address already in use" for b10-cmdctl enhancement low Unclassified
#945 zonemgr crashes on some configs jelte defect very high Sprint-20110531 Unclassified
#950 DATASRC_SQLITE_ENCLOSURE_BAD_CLASS message is bogus shane defect medium Sprint-20110614 Unclassified
#951 SHA224 unsupported algorithm unit test failure jelte defect medium Sprint-20110531 Unclassified
#954 avoid using macro in crypto_unittests jinmei defect medium Sprint-20110614 Unclassified
#957 IntervalTimerTest.destructIntervalTimer segfaults y-aharen defect medium Sprint-20110614 Unclassified
#990 DHCPv6 server as a dummy BIND 10 component tomek enhancement medium Sprint-DHCP-20110628 Unclassified
#993 individual list item addressing (C++) UnAssigned defect medium Sprint-20131015 Unclassified
#1016 IntervalTimerTest shouldn't rely on the accuracy of the timer y-aharen defect low Sprint-20110802 Unclassified
#1017 make check fails with non-src build directory UnAssigned defect medium Sprint-20110628 Unclassified
#1030 ImportError on OSX after merge of #1010 jelte defect medium Sprint-20110628 Unclassified
#1056 Fix false alarm on clang++ due to compiler's template-RTTI confusion UnAssigned defect very high Sprint-20110628 Unclassified
#1080 bug in config set <list>[index] where index does not exist defect medium Sprint-20110830 Unclassified
#1091 libutil_unittests and pyunittests_util installed jreed defect medium Unclassified
#1096 change default of handle_logging_config in ModuleCCSession jelte task medium Sprint-20110802 Unclassified
#1155 Solaris x86 8.0 build fixes dvv defect medium Sprint-20110802 Unclassified
#1193 New cppcheck adds new recommendations jelte defect medium Sprint-20120306 Unclassified
#1202 bind 10 20110819 fails to compile on Ubuntu 11.04 (amd64) stephen defect medium Sprint-20111011 Unclassified
#1271 the boss process is too impatient while waiting for cfgmgr stephen defect medium Sprint-20111108 Unclassified
#1273 old python datasrc classes import problem jelte defect very high Sprint-20111011 Unclassified
#1274 config_plugins installation location and python byte compilation UnAssigned defect low Sprint-20111025 Unclassified
#1277 src/lib/datasrc/tests unittest failure due to missing testdata jreed defect low Sprint-20111025 Unclassified
#1292 Xfrin retransfer shared object "" not found jelte defect high Sprint-20111206 Unclassified
#1293 ZONEMGR_UNKNOWN_ZONE_FAIL: Please submit a bug report. jelte defect medium Sprint-20120403 Unclassified
#1298 don't do xfrin upon notify when address is unknown jelte defect medium Sprint-20111122 Unclassified
#1300 quick hack to fix missing data source module (.so) UnAssigned defect very high Sprint-20111025 Unclassified
#1358 Badpacket tool broken due to logging vorner defect medium Sprint-20111206 Unclassified
#1366 asiolink/dummy_io_cb and uncalled methods muks defect low bind10-1.2-release-freeze Unclassified
#1387 timeout on xfrout when sock path too long jinmei defect medium Sprint-20111220 Unclassified
#1430 Data source error with mismatched label counts shane defect high Sprint-20120110 Unclassified
#1439 "now" binding is required to prevent deadlocks in g++ startup code in Solaris dvv defect medium Sprint-20111206 Unclassified
#1470 address trivial fixes from francis' mail stephen defect medium Sprint-20111220 Unclassified
#1471 Missing parameters on TTL fix defect medium Sprint-20120110 Unclassified
#1491 Boss/components config option got set to empty jelte defect medium Sprint-20120417 Unclassified
#1504 failing Dhcpv6SrvTest.basic and Dhcpv6SrvTest.Solicit_basic unittests (NetBSD) defect medium Kea0.8 Unclassified
#1524 Unscripted system test of DHCP shane task medium Sprint-DHCP-20111230 Unclassified
#1565 document how to profile - gprof haikuo task medium Sprint-20120207 Unclassified
#1644 system include header ordering needs jreed defect medium Sprint-20120320 Unclassified
#1722 RR reader EOL whitespace jelte defect medium Sprint-20120306 Unclassified
#1725 improve get_sock.udp6_create test for Solaris jinmei defect low Sprint-20130219 Unclassified
#1727 IntervalTimerTest.invalidArgumentToIntervalTimer failure jinmei defect medium Sprint-20120403 Unclassified
#1735 ddns_socket file left in build directory muks defect low Sprint-20120612 Unclassified
#1762 loading huge zone crashes all defect low Unclassified
#1775 update in-memory getAdditional() to handle wildcard match for additional names jinmei task high Sprint-20120403 Unclassified
#1779 unit test fails for TTLs jelte defect medium Sprint-20120320 Unclassified
#1786 ZONEMGR_NO_MASTER_ADDRESS -- please submit a bug report defect medium Unclassified
#1787 update in-memory zone after xfrin task medium Sprint-20120515 Unclassified
#1812 HashTest tests fail on OpenBSD muks defect medium Sprint-20120320 Unclassified
#1820 remove DNSService::addServer() jinmei defect medium Sprint-20120417 Unclassified
#1824 IfaceMgrTest.sendReceive6 test hangs on OpenBSD marcin defect medium Kea0.8 Unclassified
#1828 Python tests print warnings about unclosed file handles / sockets muks defect medium Sprint-20120619 Unclassified
#1829 CC Session timeouts / ConfigManager not responding (on OpenBSD) jinmei defect medium Sprint-20120403 Unclassified
#1863 lettuce tests should use custom port for stats-httpd muks defect low Sprint-20120417 Unclassified
#1880 limit core dumps in unittests muks defect medium Sprint-20120515 Unclassified
#1885 b10-stats-httpd should not run by default muks defect low Sprint-20120515 Unclassified
#1894 use labelsequence in findNSEC3 muks enhancement high bind10-1.2-release-freeze Unclassified
#1930 BIND 9 and BIND 10 have a collision on a header file muks defect low Sprint-20120515 Unclassified
#1991 boost/numeric/conversion/detail/meta.hpp:30: warning: comparison between 'enum mpl_::integral_c<boost::numeric::sign_mixture_enum, unsigned_to_unsigned>::<anonymous>' and 'enum mpl_::integral_c<boost::numeric::sign_mixture_enum, unsigned_to_signed>::<anonymous>' jinmei defect medium Sprint-20130108 Unclassified
#1999 detection of googletest jreed defect medium Sprint-20120731 Unclassified
#2009 const uint8_t {aka const unsigned char}' inside { } is ill-formed in C++11 muks defect medium Sprint-20120612 Unclassified
#2062 bind10-showtech initial version muks task medium Sprint-20120703 Unclassified
#2084 ambiguous call to [boost::]bind enhancement medium Unclassified
#2103 [kean] change error_code in kean defect high Sprint-20131015 Unclassified
#2112 confusing initialization in for loops muks enhancement medium Sprint-20131015 Unclassified
#2114 configuration problem; lists nested in named sets jelte defect medium Sprint-20120717 Unclassified
#2119 cfgmgr loading of config check plugins jelte defect medium Sprint-20120731 Unclassified
#2120 1LLU is an illegal litteral muks defect medium Sprint-20120731 Unclassified
#2121 Add isc.sysinfo.SysInfo implementation for OpenBSD muks enhancement medium Sprint-20120717 Unclassified
#2122 Add isc.sysinfo.SysInfo implementation for FreeBSD muks enhancement medium Sprint-20120717 Unclassified
#2123 New suggestions by cppcheck 1.55 vorner defect medium Sprint-20120731 Unclassified
#2128 allow sysinfo to provide some generic output on unknown system enhancement medium Unclassified
#2145 imports in isc/ jinmei defect high Sprint-20130219 Unclassified
#2150 Allow DomainTree::find() to start at a lower level muks task medium Sprint-20120918 Unclassified
#2173 AUTH_COMMAND_FAILED execution of command channel instruction 'loadzone' failed: There's no client list for class IN shane defect medium Unclassified
#2180 Warn administrator when creating an empty SQLite data source vorner defect medium Sprint-20120904 Unclassified
#2226 direct queries for RRSIG muks defect high bind10-1.2-release-freeze Unclassified
#2236 Add a --enable-debug configure flag muks task low Sprint-20121106 Unclassified
#2272 Improve the perfdhcp command_options_helper code. marcin defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20121004 Unclassified
#2275 work on valgrind backlog jelte defect medium Sprint-20121009 Unclassified
#2278 Errors from cppcheck 1.56 jelte defect medium Sprint-20121009 Unclassified
#2347 missing include in range_utilities.h muks defect low Sprint-20131015 Unclassified
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