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#257 src/lib/cc/ and #include <unistd.h> for pipe, close, read, write, gethostbyname, ioctl defect low Unclassified
#260 More suggestions to bindctl shentingting enhancement low ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#261 xfrin tests error but don't fail defect low xfrin
#269 loadzone: improve the output accuracy for 7 RR(s) loaded in 0 second(s) problem shentingting defect low Unclassified
#277 cmdctl needs nicer warning if address already in use zhanglikun defect low ~cmd-ctl (obsolete)
#284 Not every 'data' parsing is done with json jelte defect low 06. 4th Incremental Release Unclassified
#302 review: bind10 (bob) shows an old version UnAssigned defect low y2 6 month milestone b10-auth
#308 review: simple benchmark for b10-auth query handling jinmei enhancement low y2 6 month milestone b10-auth
#309 cleanup proposal: avoid using .libs in jreed enhancement low y2 6 month milestone build system
#310 proposal: constify lib/cc API more appropriately jinmei enhancement low y2 6 month milestone configuration
#314 better name than libdns_python jelte enhancement low y2 6 month milestone Unclassified
#315 test b10-config.db should be built on builddir UnAssigned defect low y2 6 month milestone build system
#319 outdated(?) comment in no UICCSession class jelte task low configuration
#325 ./configure --help talks about options that do not work jinmei defect low build system
#344 test data for lib/config jinmei enhancement low y2 12 month milestone build system
#345 remove dependency on pthreads from asio jinmei enhancement low y2 12 month milestone build system
#346 A notify_out test fails without network connectivity zzchen_pku defect low A-Team-Sprint-20110223 xfrout
#354 minor cleanup: generate wire testdata automatically jinmei enhancement low y2 12 month milestone libdns++
#355 src/bin/tests causes distcheck failure jinmei defect low y2 12 month milestone build system
#363 "H" and "I" are probably harmful for PyArg_ParseTuple() zzchen_pku defect low Sprint-20110419 libdns++
#367 SIGPIPE in boss process shane defect low ~Boss of BIND (obsolete)
#371 adjust gen-rdatacode for faster build UnAssigned enhancement low y2 12 month milestone build system
#373 lib/config/module_spec.h shouldn't use 'using namespace' jinmei defect low y2 12 month milestone build system
#387 xfrin not checking for new copy of zone shane defect low Sprint-20110517 xfrin
#390 Remove config item "db_file" from xfrout.spec enhancement low xfrout
#409 cleanup proposal: get rid of UNUSED_PARAM jinmei enhancement low build system
#410 RRset::getRdataIterator returns object in invalid state jinmei defect low libdns++
#459 Dangerously counter-intuitive isc::auth::Query interface defect low Sprint-20120619 b10-auth
#466 duplicate code in xfrout zzchen_pku defect low y2 12 month milestone xfrout
#480 clang++/FreeBSD doesn't compile BIND 10 with optimization jinmei defect low build system
#571 Question::toText() and newline muks defect low Sprint-20131015 libdns++
#572 Remove boss's -f vorner defect low A-Team-Sprint-20110223 ~Boss of BIND (obsolete)
#577 b10-auth -u and message socket permission shane defect low ~Boss of BIND (obsolete)
#584 Correct compiler error on Solaris stephen defect low R-Team-Sprint-20110222 logging
#588 bindctl traceback on shutdown zzchen_pku defect low A-Team-Sprint-20110316 ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#616 hardcoded INternet class in xfrout defect low xfrout
#620 stats too verbose by default naokikambe defect low Sprint-20110517 statistics
#622 Update logging documentation stephen defect low R-Team-Sprint-20110316 logging
#624 asiolink test fails on OSX server jinmei defect low R-Team-Sprint-20110308 resolver
#639 remove empty code in lib/cache zhanglikun defect low Sprint-20110614 resolver
#671 error in results jelte defect low Sprint-20110419 configuration
#672 error in test? defect low ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#673 traceback in xfrin test defect low xfrin
#710 Compilation error on Python 3.2 systems jelte defect low Sprint-20110628 build system
#713 b10-auth output about datasources is confusing defect low b10-auth
#719 configurable stats do nothing jelte defect low Sprint-20110517 statistics
#848 Missing name when using errno in shane defect low Sprint-20110517 xfrin
#869 move auth_xfrout_conn UnAssigned defect low Sprint-20111025 build system
#888 Remove unused files from stats and stats-httpd naokikambe task low Sprint-20110517 statistics
#903 'this' : used in base member initializer list stephen defect low Sprint-20111220 Unclassified
#913 hints about "Address already in use" for b10-cmdctl enhancement low Unclassified
#994 LDFLAGS/LIBS confusion jelte defect low build system
#1016 IntervalTimerTest shouldn't rely on the accuracy of the timer y-aharen defect low Sprint-20110802 Unclassified
#1029 DATASRC_QUERY_PROCESS message: mismatch between arguments and placeholders stephen defect low Sprint-20110712 data source
#1034 Modify asiodns messages stephen enhancement low Sprint-20110628 logging
#1075 Rewording of CC and DATASRC messages stephen defect low Sprint-20110802 logging
#1084 MemoryZone::add fails with shared_ptr assertion fail if debug logging is enabled stephen defect low Sprint-20110712 data source
#1093 Duplicate message ID should cause program to terminate jelte defect low Sprint-20120320 logging
#1102 Make message about out-of-bailiwick data less verbose UnAssigned enhancement low Sprint-20120403 b10-auth
#1136 RR type implementation: SSHFP muks enhancement low Sprint-20120320 libdns++
#1216 SQLite3Accessor constructor should only accept rrclass as a string jinmei defect low Sprint-20111011 data source
#1220 strange bindctl config show output muks defect low Sprint-20120403 ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#1274 config_plugins installation location and python byte compilation UnAssigned defect low Sprint-20111025 Unclassified
#1277 src/lib/datasrc/tests unittest failure due to missing testdata jreed defect low Sprint-20111025 Unclassified
#1295 Kea: pack/unpack should use size_t instead of unsigned int UnAssigned task low Sprint-DHCP-20120514 dhcp
#1361 IfaceMgr.loDetect test fails on NetBSD tomek defect low Sprint-DHCP-20111221 dhcp6
#1366 asiolink/dummy_io_cb and uncalled methods muks defect low bind10-1.2-release-freeze Unclassified
#1367 Write DHCP section for BIND10 Guide (was: Write documentation for libdhcp) tomek enhancement low Sprint-DHCP-20111230 dhcp
#1368 DHCP: ORO and PRL options support defect low Outstanding Tasks dhcp
#1468 Better tests are needed for dhcpv6_srv class enhancement low Sprint-DHCP-20121213 dhcp6
#1516 Add sender details when AUTH_UNSUPPORTED_OPCODE is logged muks defect low Sprint-20131015 b10-auth
#1520 bindctl config show all errors about optional parameter jelte defect low Sprint-20120515 ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#1541 script for listing obsolete (fully merged) branches tomek enhancement low Sprint-20120320 build system
#1639 perfdhcp.c uses pselect muks defect low Sprint-20120403 perfdhcp
#1640 incomplete pc file for botan and wrong filename for botan-config jelte defect low Sprint-20120320 build system
#1725 improve get_sock.udp6_create test for Solaris jinmei defect low Sprint-20130219 Unclassified
#1735 ddns_socket file left in build directory muks defect low Sprint-20120612 Unclassified
#1741 Duplicate RESOLVER_SHUTDOWN message jelte defect low Sprint-20120320 resolver
#1762 loading huge zone crashes all defect low Unclassified
#1852 stats httpd doesn't send 'stopping' if httpd port can't be opened naokikambe defect low Sprint-20120501 statistics
#1863 lettuce tests should use custom port for stats-httpd muks defect low Sprint-20120417 Unclassified
#1885 b10-stats-httpd should not run by default muks defect low Sprint-20120515 Unclassified
#1930 BIND 9 and BIND 10 have a collision on a header file muks defect low Sprint-20120515 Unclassified
#2033 remove ZoneFinder::findPreviousName() jinmei defect low Sprint-20120703 data source
#2048 configure check for pyexpat UnAssigned task low Non-Development-2012Q3 build system
#2182 Simplify RBTree::deleteHelper() and make it non-recursive muks enhancement low Sprint-20120807 data source
#2236 Add a --enable-debug configure flag muks task low Sprint-20121106 Unclassified
#2289 bindctl crash on "config remove Boss" UnAssigned defect low Sprint-20121009 ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#2290 bindctl crash after malformed command defect low Sprint-20121009 ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#2297 Fix isc-sysinfo free memory, uptime, smp output jinmei defect low Sprint-20121106 sysinfo
#2347 missing include in range_utilities.h muks defect low Sprint-20131015 Unclassified
#2358 DBGLVL_xxx should be in .cc, and in specific name space fdupont defect low Kea1.2 logging
#2364 Remove v6 code from the Option::pack4 function. stephen defect low Sprint-DHCP-20121129 dhcp4
#2365 Do not reference Option::options_ protected member in derived classes. marcin defect low Sprint-DHCP-20121129 dhcp
#2406 alternative crypto provider (use OpenSSL rather than Botan) fdupont enhancement low Kea0.9 crypto
#2467 Remove raw pointers from DHCP test code stephen defect low Sprint-DHCP-20130509 dhcp
#2634 The DhcpConfigParser::getParam should be abstracted to a separate class. tmark enhancement low Sprint-DHCP-20130411 ~dhcpconf(obsolete)
#2747 left over .pyo files UnAssigned defect low build system
#2770 dhcp serverid file should not be in the toplevel datadir tmark defect low Sprint-DHCP-20130411 Unclassified
#2886 dhcpv6 confirm - reply defect low Outstanding Tasks dhcp6
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