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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#3950 mention kea_verbose variable in logger section in kea guide marcin defect low Kea1.1-final logging
#3951 typo in kea-dhcp-ddns.dhcp-to-d2 logger name marcin defect low Kea0.9.2 logging
#4316 change of the logging levels in KEA tmark enhancement high Kea1.1 logging
#4717 Log messages: DHCPSRV_MEMFILE_GET_EXPIRED{4,6} are swapped marcin defect medium Kea1.1-final logging
#5267 output_options in logging configuration fdupont defect low Kea1.3-final logging
#5270 Minor typo fixed in one log message (DHCPRSV => DHCPSRV) tomek defect very low Kea1.3 beta logging
#5324 kea Logging: Logfiles are not rotated tmark defect medium Kea1.3 beta logging
#3902 Extended unit-tests for command channel tomek enhancement medium Kea1.0-beta management API
#5187 write-config command issues tomek defect medium Kea1.2-final management API
#5598 Kea should print out info about opened ctrl socket marcin enhancement very low Kea1.5 management API
#5599 Ctrl channel does not return any response when malformed command send tmark defect medium Kea1.4-final management API
#183 UNIX domain socket for msgq jelte defect medium 04. 2nd Incremental Release: Early Adopters message-library
#698 ModuleCCSession object may group_unsubscribe in the closed CC session in being deleted naokikambe defect medium Sprint-20110405 message-library
#1526 perfdhcp should compile on non-Linux systems UnAssigned defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20111230 perfdhcp
#1639 perfdhcp.c uses pselect muks defect low Sprint-20120403 perfdhcp
#1908 Need to bind v6 socket to local address to enable perfdhcp work marcin defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20120402 perfdhcp
#1951 Familiarize with perfdhcp implemented functionality marcin task medium Sprint-DHCP-20120514 perfdhcp
#1952 Setup virtual machine test environment and install Kea marcin task medium Sprint-DHCP-20120514 perfdhcp
#1953 Setup DHCP4 for selected OS and try perfdhcp marcin task medium Sprint-DHCP-20120514 perfdhcp
#1954 Implement perfdhcp command parser marcin enhancement medium Sprint-DHCP-20120528 perfdhcp
#1955 Implement perfdhcp IPv4 packet handling marcin enhancement medium DHCP-Sprint-20120611 perfdhcp
#1956 Implement perfdhcp IPv6 packet handling marcin enhancement medium DHCP-Sprint-20120611 perfdhcp
#1957 Implement perfdhcp Interface Manager marcin enhancement medium Sprint-DHCP-20120703 perfdhcp
#1958 Implement perfdhcp statistics component marcin enhancement medium Sprint-DHCP-20120730 perfdhcp
#1959 Implement perfdhcp control logic marcin enhancement medium Sprint-DHCP-20120917 perfdhcp
#1960 perfdhcp integration marcin enhancement medium Sprint-DHCP-20121004 perfdhcp
#2700 perfdhcp command line switches should not be logged as ASCII codes marcin defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20130214 perfdhcp
#2784 perfdhcp cores when given command line "-6" and v4 server address tmark defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20130411 perfdhcp
#2785 perfdhcp sent/received durations do not appear to be accurate tmark defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20130411 perfdhcp
#2979 perfdhcp segfaults marcin defect low Sprint-DHCP-20130703 perfdhcp
#3069 Possible coding error in perfdhcp unit test marcin defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20130731 perfdhcp
#3267 perfdhcp: prefer including local files, rather than files from the top dir location kean defect low Outstanding Tasks perfdhcp
#3481 move perfdhcp to sbin stephen defect low Kea0.9 perfdhcp
#3607 Problem building perfdhcp: undefined reference to clock_gettime UnAssigned defect medium Kea0.9.1beta perfdhcp
#3729 Result is not floating-point (perdhcp/ stephen defect low Kea0.9.1 perfdhcp
#4263 perfdhcp -f crashes UnAssigned defect medium Outstanding Tasks perfdhcp
#4493 perfdhcp: inefficient removal of timed out transactions causes outbound rate degradation marcin defect medium Kea1.1 perfdhcp
#5115 perfdhcp command options unnecessarily restrictive tmark defect medium Kea1.4 perfdhcp
#383 Generalize IOService constructor each enhancement medium recurser
#402 Refactoring authoritative and recursive tests UnAssigned task medium recurser
#428 b10-recurse query shutdown at startup jelte defect medium R-Team-Sprint-20110125 recurser
#3956 Cryptic configuration error when specifying invalid address pool boundaries UnAssigned defect medium Kea1.2 remote-management
#5039 Dhcp6: Migrate option values and definitions configuration tomek enhancement medium Kea 1.2 - Mozilla Milestone 1 remote-management
#5046 Implement set-config command tmark enhancement medium Kea 1.2 - Mozilla Milestone 1 remote-management
#5090 race in new agent shutdown fdupont defect medium Kea1.2 remote-management
#5123 fix SimpleParser exception fdupont enhancement medium Kea 1.2 - Mozilla Milestone 1 remote-management
#5145 Put hooks libraries state into configuration (Cfg structure) fdupont enhancement medium Kea1.2 remote-management
#443 [kean] Private copy of asiolink.h should be removed. kean defect medium Sprint-20130917 resolver
#445 Review Recursor cache design zhanglikun task medium R-Team-Sprint-20110222 resolver
#479 forwarder NXDOMAIN becomes NOERROR jelte defect medium R-Team-Sprint-20110125 resolver
#483 Define root for resolver smann enhancement medium R-Team-Sprint-20110208 resolver
#484 Clean up skeleton for very basic form of iteration, and merge in jelte enhancement medium R-Team-Sprint-20110125 resolver
#489 Config timeouts: receiving response, stop trying, stop for specific client jelte enhancement medium R-Team-Sprint-20110208 resolver
#492 Search cache for closest enclosing name NS zhanglikun enhancement medium R-Team-Sprint-20110222 resolver
#494 Modify resolver to use abstract resolver interface jelte enhancement medium R-Team-Sprint-20110208 resolver
#595 Refactor function MessageEntry::getRRsetTrustLevel() zhanglikun defect medium R-Team-Sprint-20110308 resolver
#598 Resolver DO bit, forwarder pass DO bit zhanglikun defect medium Sprint-20110517 resolver
#607 Server failed: Message rendering attempted without Rcode set jelte defect very high R-Team-Sprint-20110308 resolver
#618 b10-resolver use domain port 53 jreed task medium resolver
#624 asiolink test fails on OSX server jinmei defect low R-Team-Sprint-20110308 resolver
#638 isc::cache::RRsetEntry assertion zhanglikun defect medium R-Team-Sprint-20110308 resolver
#639 remove empty code in lib/cache zhanglikun defect low Sprint-20110614 resolver
#661 The rrset entry in cache should be touched/removed properly. zhanglikun defect medium R-Team-Sprint-20110316 resolver
#697 b10-resolver crashed on parsing answer (server failed: additional too short) jelte defect high R-Team-Sprint-20110316 resolver
#704 [b10-resolver] Server failed: The RTT is 0 stephen defect high Sprint-20110419 resolver
#708 Strange RTT values when acting as a forwarder stephen defect medium Sprint-20110419 resolver
#834 no EDNS0 on outgoing queries jelte defect medium Sprint-20110614 resolver
#847 STLPort regression in b10-resolver vorner defect high Sprint-20110503 resolver
#971 bin/resolver/ variables should be explicitly initialized to NULL. jinmei defect medium Sprint-20110531 resolver
#1018 resolver will not start: RESOLVER_FAILED, resolver failed, reason: module_name missing in { } UnAssigned defect very high Sprint-20110628 resolver
#1386 fallback from EDNS over UDP to plain DNS or EDNS/DNS over TCP is needed in real life dvv defect medium Sprint-20111220 resolver
#1424 query_acl rejecting even though matches jinmei defect high Sprint-20120110 resolver
#1546 resolver not listening jinmei defect very high Sprint-20120124 resolver
#1741 Duplicate RESOLVER_SHUTDOWN message jelte defect low Sprint-20120320 resolver
#1784 b10-resolver incorrectly uses SyncUDPServer jinmei defect very high Sprint-20120403 resolver
#2024 Segfault in RecursiveQueryTest.v6UDPSendSpecific on Solaris (SPARC) muks defect medium Sprint-20120612 resolver
#2366 FATAL [b10-resolver.resolver] RESOLVER_FAILED - Missing logger placeholder in message defect medium resolver
#3939 Modify keatctrl to use server PID files tmark task low Kea0.9.2 scripts
#5379 kea-admin fails if no -6 or -4 specified on the command line fdupont defect low Kea1.3-final scripts
#235 Secondary Manager Design UnAssigned task medium 06. 4th Incremental Release secondary manager
#330 zonemgr exception on SIGINT UnAssigned defect medium secondary manager
#336 zonemgr should try to refresh expired zones zzchen_pku defect medium secondary manager
#341 initial zonemgr docs jreed defect medium secondary manager
#670 identify a secondary zone vorner defect very high Sprint-20110419 secondary manager
#1153 zonemgr exits on empty zones zzchen_pku defect medium Sprint-20110830 secondary manager
#1834 ZONEMGR_REFRESH_ZONE happening too often defect medium secondary manager
#1938 why ZONEMGR_UNKNOWN_ZONE_NOTIFIED ? jinmei defect high Sprint-20130402 secondary manager
#5170 Fix makefiles for kea-shell (make install) fdupont defect medium Kea1.2 shell
#2855 introduce a "zone builder" thread in memory manager muks task medium Sprint-20130709 shmem manager
#2856 memory manager initialization muks task medium Sprint-20130806 shmem manager
#3079 Don't build and install memmgr where shared memory support is not available vorner defect medium Sprint-20130820 shmem manager
#170 document how stats are collected (via spec files) naokikambe task medium 06. 4th Incremental Release statistics
#191 Implement a initial version of stats naokikambe task medium y2 6 month milestone statistics
#521 bind10.boot_time can be incorrect naokikambe defect medium Sprint-20110419 statistics
#547 Update of statistics daemon for HTTP/XML reporting: implement naokikambe enhancement medium Sprint-20110503 statistics
#620 stats too verbose by default naokikambe defect low Sprint-20110517 statistics
#719 configurable stats do nothing jelte defect low Sprint-20110517 statistics
#888 Remove unused files from stats and stats-httpd naokikambe task low Sprint-20110517 statistics
#916 implement a prototype for stats snmp interface naokikambe task medium Sprint-20111220 statistics
#917 update stats-httpd to return only specified statistics naokikambe enhancement medium Sprint-20111122 statistics
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