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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#49 different signature for Name::split() jinmei enhancement medium 04. 2nd Incremental Release: Early Adopters libdns++
#2226 direct queries for RRSIG muks defect high bind10-1.2-release-freeze Unclassified
#2171 directory permissions on make install muks defect medium Sprint-20120821 build system
#2883 discuss/remove class (global) attribute of Counters._statistics naokikambe defect medium Sprint-20130903 statistics
#3629 distcheck fails on Ubuntu 14.04 and RedHat 6.4 marcin defect high Kea0.9.1beta build system
#1247 distcheck should enable gtest when possible jreed enhancement medium Sprint-20111011 build system
#2052 dns::LabelSequence::compare() muks task medium Sprint-20120703 libdns++
#1667 dns::masterLoad should accept comment at EOL jinmei defect high Sprint-20120306 libdns++
#3953 doc update: add commands to the list of loggers stephen defect medium Kea1.0-beta documentation
#4546 docs bug re: db version defect low Kea1.1-final documentation
#3020 document b10-auth muks defect medium Sprint-20130806 documentation
#170 document how stats are collected (via spec files) naokikambe task medium 06. 4th Incremental Release statistics
#1911 document how to configure in-memory data source with sqlite3 backend muks task medium Sprint-20120515 documentation
#1565 document how to profile - gprof haikuo task medium Sprint-20120207 Unclassified
#1298 don't do xfrin upon notify when address is unknown jelte defect medium Sprint-20111122 Unclassified
#2911 don't fallback from ixfr to axfr due to data source error jinmei defect medium Sprint-20130611 xfrin
#2421 don't reject configuring entire inmemory datasrc due to one broken zone muks defect medium Sprint-20121120 data source
#4310 double errors with LOG_FATAL() fdupont defect medium Kea1.1 Unclassified
#2945 doxygen warning cleanups jreed defect medium Sprint-20131001 Unclassified
#1688 duplicate RR suprression in auth::Query jinmei task medium Sprint-20120403 b10-auth
#466 duplicate code in xfrout zzchen_pku defect low y2 12 month milestone xfrout
#71 duplicate nsec in some replies each defect low 03. 1st Incremental Release Unclassified
#2292 eliminate const_cast from domaintree.h vorner defect medium Sprint-20121023 data source
#3791 emergency patch for Xcode marcin defect medium Kea0.9.2-beta Unclassified
#5210 enable-shell is not kept by 'make distcheck' fdupont defect low Kea1.3-final build system
#3613 erase invalids its iterator fdupont defect high Kea0.9.1beta configuration
#4002 errno may unexpectedly change between setting and use sar defect low Kea1.0-beta Unclassified
#672 error in test? defect low ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#671 error in results jelte defect low Sprint-20110419 configuration
#4203 eval library must not call exit() fdupont defect low Kea1.0-beta dhcp
#5212 example configs should be proper json tomek enhancement medium Kea1.3 beta documentation
#3524 executable json example files tomek defect low Kea0.9 configuration
#2993 extend ConfigurableClientList::getCachedZoneWriter() to have catch_load_error muks task medium Sprint-20130709 data source
#2832 extend data source config to specify shmem segment params pselkirk task medium Sprint-20130423 Unclassified
#920 extension to TSIG: support truncated signature fdupont enhancement medium Kea0.9.1beta libdns++
#2943 extensions to ZoneTableSegment and complete ConfigurableClientList::getStatus muks task medium Sprint-20130625 data source
#210 failed test in cmdctl zhanglikun defect high 04. 2nd Incremental Release: Early Adopters ~cmd-ctl (obsolete)
#3187 failed to open sockets after server reconfiguration defect high Kea0.8 dhcp6
#1504 failing Dhcpv6SrvTest.basic and Dhcpv6SrvTest.Solicit_basic unittests (NetBSD) defect medium Kea0.8 Unclassified
#157 failing tests defect medium Unclassified
#5243 failing tests on RedHat 6.4 due to lack of SO_REUSEPORT socket option fdupont defect low Kea1.3 beta libdhcp
#4004 failing unit test when build time option --enable-static-link is used fdupont defect low Kea1.0-beta Unclassified
#1386 fallback from EDNS over UDP to plain DNS or EDNS/DNS over TCP is needed in real life dvv defect medium Sprint-20111220 resolver
#5499 fatal error: boost/asio/coroutine.hpp: No such file or directory tomek defect medium Kea1.4-final build system
#5513 feed JSON does not handle strings fdupont defect low Kea1.4 Unclassified
#1175 find another solution to synchronize between threads used in unittests for stats naokikambe defect medium Sprint-20111011 statistics
#886 find unimplemented DHCP RFCs, update list with this sar task medium Sprint-DHCP-20110517 Unclassified
#5123 fix SimpleParser exception fdupont enhancement medium Kea 1.2 - Mozilla Milestone 1 remote-management
#46 fix c++ coverage tests in regards to include headers defect low Unclassified
#4074 fix child process handling fdupont defect medium Kea1.0-beta Unclassified
#2665 fix clang static analyzer issues jinmei task medium Sprint-20130219 Unclassified
#5573 fix configure script for --enable-generate-parser option defect medium Kea1.4 configuration
#4062 fix debug of DaemonTest.createPIDFileOverwrite fdupont defect low Kea1.0-beta Unclassified
#3022 fix guide about b10-cmdctl-usermgr muks defect medium Sprint-20130806 documentation
#5566 fix make distcheck with premium UnAssigned defect high Kea1.4 build system
#293 fix to build error for in house base_n headers with older boost jinmei defect medium 06. 4th Incremental Release build system
#3454 fix truncated HMAC verify fdupont enhancement low Kea0.9 crypto
#5091 fix writeInt g++ bug fdupont enhancement low Kea1.2 Unclassified
#1557 fixed regression for auth/query_bench jinmei defect medium Sprint-20120124 b10-auth
#5393 flex-id expression is not evaluated in REQUEST messages in Kea4 marcin defect medium Kea1.3-final hooks
#5450 flex_id tests includes the module fdupont defect low Kea1.4-final Unclassified
#479 forwarder NXDOMAIN becomes NOERROR jelte defect medium R-Team-Sprint-20110125 resolver
#294 friendlier error for incompatible/old configuration database jelte defect medium 06. 4th Incremental Release configuration
#2558 fromJSON is not able to handle full uint32 range defect medium Kea0.8 configuration
#2619 getFullConfig() does not do what you'd think it does jelte defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20130122 Unclassified
#3859 getVersion() defined outside its module fdupont defect medium Kea0.9.2-beta Unclassified
#2998 getenv missing prototype error src/bin/d2/ on Solaris10 Sunstudio tmark defect very high Sprint-DHCP-20130606 dhcp
#1527 getifaddrs (used in perfdhcp) isn't portable tomek defect very high Sprint-DHCP-20111230 dhcp
#5143 github 33: fix system_messages helper path tomek github pull request medium Kea1.2 build system
#5378 global parameters are not shown via API tmark defect medium Kea1.4-final Unclassified
#5258 got a config which crash Kea Unassigned defect high Kea1.2-final Unclassified
#2481 gtest should run in distcheck --with-gtest jreed defect medium build system
#2659 handle empty-nonterminal name with opt-outed NSEC3 jinmei defect medium Sprint-20130219 b10-auth
#2535 handle escaped characters in TXTLikeImpl::toText muks task medium Sprint-20130108 libdns++
#2661 handle space in "-L /path/to/lib" output from python-config jinmei defect medium Sprint-20130219 build system
#1912 handle type DS query in database-based data sources correctly jinmei defect medium Sprint-20120612 data source
#107 hanging auth UnAssigned defect medium 02. Running, functional authoritative-only server Unclassified
#616 hardcoded INternet class in xfrout defect low xfrout
#1440 help string for —with-botan should be more helpful UnAssigned defect high Sprint-20120110 build system
#913 hints about "Address already in use" for b10-cmdctl enhancement low Unclassified
#3829 uses out of range char fdupont defect low Kea0.9.2 Unclassified
#3364 hooks files installed to wrong location UnAssigned defect medium Common Outstanding Tasks hooks
#670 identify a secondary zone vorner defect very high Sprint-20110419 secondary manager
#229 if b10-auth cores, bind10 doesn't say so and keeps restarting UnAssigned defect medium ~Boss of BIND (obsolete)
#435 if cfgmgr can't read configs then runs anyways with defaults jelte defect medium configuration
#3431 illegal memory access in logging - coverity stephen defect low Kea0.9 logging
#3853 illegal variadic macro fdupont defect low Kea0.9.2-beta Unclassified
#2539 implement InMemoryClient iterator getSOA() muks task medium bind10-1.2-release-freeze data source
#2375 implement MasterLexer getNextToken() and ungetToken() vorner task medium Sprint-20121204 libdns++
#2304 implement OptionDefinition class marcin task high Sprint-DHCP-20121101 dhcp
#1749 implement RBNodeRRset::isSameKind() muks task high Sprint-20120320 data source
#916 implement a prototype for stats snmp interface naokikambe task medium Sprint-20111220 statistics
#2435 implement datasrc version of RRsetCollection muks task medium Sprint-20130205 data source
#2145 imports in isc/ jinmei defect high Sprint-20130219 Unclassified
#5402 improper check if ipv6 prefix address already exists in the back-end marcin defect medium Kea1.4 dhcp6
#324 improve SQL data source performance jinmei enhancement medium Sprint-20120417 data source
#1725 improve get_sock.udp6_create test for Solaris jinmei defect low Sprint-20130219 Unclassified
#1701 in-mem ds dnssec wildcard response error jinmei defect high Sprint-20120306 b10-auth
#1551 in-memory datasource allow RRSIG, NSEC, and CNAME at same time jinmei defect medium Sprint-20120207 data source
#2159 in-tree lettuce fails due to missing vorner defect high Sprint-20120807 b10-auth
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