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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#714 cfgmgr crash on auth configuration failure jelte defect medium Sprint-20110712 configuration
#640 cfgmgr hanging and command and configurations for no-longer-running components jelte defect medium Sprint-20120221 Unclassified
#2119 cfgmgr loading of config check plugins jelte defect medium Sprint-20120731 Unclassified
#184 cfgmgr test coverage jelte task medium 04. 2nd Incremental Release: Early Adopters configuration
#1818 change default boss config to not run b10-auth muks task medium Sprint-20120417 ~Boss of BIND (obsolete)
#1096 change default of handle_logging_config in ModuleCCSession jelte task medium Sprint-20110802 Unclassified
#4316 change of the logging levels in KEA tmark enhancement high Kea1.1 logging
#27 change python modules paths to lowercase jreed defect medium Unclassified
#1462 check SOA serial in xfrout kevin_tes task medium Sprint-20120110 xfrout
#5178 check build with Botan 2.x task low Kea1.2 crypto
#2939 check for python sqlite3 module jreed defect medium Sprint-20131001 build system
#1360 check leak in logging library and log4cplus UnAssigned defect medium Sprint-20111122 logging
#5156 check libreSSL support defect medium Kea1.2 crypto
#2705 clang unused-private-field errors jinmei defect medium Sprint-20130305 build system
#633 clang++ build failure on freebsd (again) jinmei defect very high A-Team-Sprint-20110309 build system
#365 clang++ support jinmei enhancement medium y2 12 month milestone build system
#480 clang++/FreeBSD doesn't compile BIND 10 with optimization jinmei defect low build system
#3627 cleanup configure gtest sources stephen enhancement low Kea0.9.2-beta configuration
#351 cleanup for DNS opcode and rcode jinmei enhancement medium y2 12 month milestone libdns++
#309 cleanup proposal: avoid using .libs in jreed enhancement low y2 6 month milestone build system
#409 cleanup proposal: get rid of UNUSED_PARAM jinmei enhancement low build system
#1746 cleanup: remove "temporary" SQLite3Accessor::getRecordDiff() jinmei defect medium Sprint-20120417 data source
#1392 cleanup: remove workaround in for isc.log UnAssigned defect medium Sprint-20120306 build system
#291 cleanup: use #include <file> versus #include "file" jreed task very low 06. 4th Incremental Release build system
#3353 client classification - class eRouter1.0 tomek defect low Kea0.8 dhcp4
#3486 client classification with custom class does not work in kea6 tomek defect low Kea0.9.1beta dhcp6
#82 cmdctl and missing account jreed defect medium 06. 4th Incremental Release ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#83 cmdctl and missing key/certificate UnAssigned defect medium 06. 4th Incremental Release ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#112 cmdctl crash jreed defect medium Unclassified
#277 cmdctl needs nicer warning if address already in use zhanglikun defect low ~cmd-ctl (obsolete)
#2962 cmdctl test failure due to race in certificate keypair creation muks defect medium Sprint-20130806 ~cmd-ctl (obsolete)
#2631 cmdctl test script finding PEM files defect medium Sprint-20130806 ~cmd-ctl (obsolete)
#2595 cmdctl with chusr crashes due to permission issue jelte defect medium Sprint-20130205 ~cmd-ctl (obsolete)
#5004 commandReader improper string constructor fdupont defect medium Kea1.1-final Unclassified
#55 comments on rrsetlist implementation jinmei task medium libdns++
#1299 compare SOA serial in xfrin jinmei task very high Sprint-20111220 xfrin
#3531 compilation error on Centos after merging 3477 tomek defect medium Kea0.9 configuration
#3643 compilation error on NetBSD 6. stephen defect low Kea0.9.1beta Unclassified
#3662 compilation error with --with-dhcp-pgsql wlodekwencel defect medium Kea0.9.1beta database-all
#311 complete EDNS0 implementation jinmei enhancement medium y2 12 month milestone libdns++
#2823 complete removing threads from stats tests jinmei defect very high Sprint-20130528 statistics
#285 config set command doesn't work anymore zhanglikun defect very high 06. 4th Incremental Release ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#5186 config-test command result depends on config currently used by kea fdupont defect medium Kea1.2-final agent
#5253 config-write command send to CA saves incorrect config. tomek defect medium Kea1.2-final agent
#1274 config_plugins installation location and python byte compilation UnAssigned defect low Sprint-20111025 Unclassified
#719 configurable stats do nothing jelte defect low Sprint-20110517 statistics
#429 configuration errors not sent to bindctl defect medium Unclassified
#446 configuration knob for in memory data source jinmei task medium y2 12 month milestone b10-auth
#2114 configuration problem; lists nested in named sets jelte defect medium Sprint-20120717 Unclassified
#5337 configure can't detect static lib libboost_system tmark defect medium Kea1.3 beta build system
#2048 configure check for pyexpat UnAssigned task low Non-Development-2012Q3 build system
#3277 configure errors jreed defect medium Common Outstanding Tasks build system
#2356 configure fails in examples/ because it doesn't find the boost header jinmei defect medium Sprint-20121106 build system
#4242 configure is not able to detect boost version with gcc-5 fdupont defect medium Kea1.2-final build system
#178 configure output at end detected settings and features defect medium Unclassified
#323 configure try harder to find boost headers jinmei enhancement medium build system
#1558 check for rpath -R flag jelte defect medium Sprint-20120124 build system
#3525 AC_PROG_LIBTOOL is deprecated in favor of LT_INIT tomek defect low Kea0.9 Unclassified
#2112 confusing initialization in for loops muks enhancement medium Sprint-20131015 Unclassified
#2009 const uint8_t {aka const unsigned char}' inside { } is ill-formed in C++11 muks defect medium Sprint-20120612 Unclassified
#5101 coverity report 20170103 fdupont defect medium Kea 1.2 - Mozilla Milestone 1 Unclassified
#3932 coverity report: calling remove() without checking return value fdupont defect low Kea0.9.2 Unclassified
#3439 cppcheck fails after the merge of #3409. marcin defect medium Kea0.9 configuration
#3451 cppcheck failure in Postgres backend: unused variable index marcin defect medium Kea0.9 dhcp
#4045 cppcheck warnings fdupont defect low Kea1.0-beta Unclassified
#1515 crash bindctl with "config add Auth/datasources[0]/zones" twice vorner defect high Sprint-20120110 ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#3823 crash in isc::log::MessageIntializer destructor marcin defect medium Kea0.9.2-beta Unclassified
#4024 critical c++11 issues fdupont defect low Kea1.0-beta Unclassified
#3723 cross compile KEA fdupont enhancement low Kea0.9.1 Unclassified
#3602 cryptolink cleanups fdupont enhancement low Kea0.9.1beta crypto
#4291 csv-format should be optional if the option is empty fdupont enhancement medium Kea1.1 ~dhcpconf(obsolete)
#3362 d2::NameRemoveTransaction should check for NXRRSET not NXDOMAIN marcin defect high Kea0.9 ~dhcp-ddns(obsolete)
#5325 d2_parser.yy is missing in 1.2.0 release tarball tmark defect medium Kea1.3 beta build system
#3920 data_ declared both in Pkt and Pkt4 fdupont defect medium Kea0.9.2 Unclassified
#60 data_unittests core dump on Solaris jreed defect medium 03. 1st Incremental Release ~Inter-module communication(obsolete)
#1771 database datasource incorrectly rejects "on zonecut" glue jinmei defect medium Sprint-20120703 data source
#3003 crashes due to uncaught exception without datasrc.spec vorner defect medium Sprint-20131001 configuration
#1735 ddns_socket file left in build directory muks defect low Sprint-20120612 Unclassified
#5214 default kea-shell install on OSX is not usable fdupont defect medium Kea1.3 beta build system
#5080 default value in legal logging hook changed after moving hook lib to different repo tmark defect low Kea1.2 hooks
#1748 define AbstractRRset::isSameKind() and implement the default version muks task high Sprint-20120320 libdns++
#2206 define and implement ZoneTableSegment class muks task medium Sprint-20121009 data source
#2432 define and implement base and libdns++ version of RRsetCollection muks task medium Sprint-20130108 libdns++
#1283 define operator<< for IOAddress muks defect medium Sprint-20131015 build system
#1836 delegation + DO often results in exception->SERVFAIL jinmei defect high Sprint-20120403 b10-auth
#2335 deprecate RRset::setName() muks defect medium Sprint-20131015 libdns++
#2168 deprecate matchWireData in dns/tests muks defect medium bind10-1.2-release-freeze libdns++
#1199 description for ZoneFinder is old jinmei defect medium Sprint-20110927 documentation
#2026 detect Py_hash_t in ./configure and define it internally if not muks defect high Sprint-20131015 build system
#1999 detection of googletest jreed defect medium Sprint-20120731 Unclassified
#1540 dhcp code refactor: Pkt6 and Options for DHCPv6 tomek enhancement medium Sprint-DHCP-20120514 dhcp
#2770 dhcp serverid file should not be in the toplevel datadir tmark defect low Sprint-DHCP-20130411 Unclassified
#3479 dhcp-ddns too many logs on shutdown stephen defect low Kea0.9 ~dhcp-ddns(obsolete)
#1503 dhcp4 and dhcp6 daemons must have option to specify port number tomek defect medium DHCP-Sprint-20120611 dhcp
#2696 dhcp4 component shutdown issues defect medium Outstanding Tasks Unclassified
#3867 dhcp4_test_utils.h made twice fdupont defect low Kea0.9.2-beta Unclassified
#1967 dhcp6 Solicit_basic test fails tomek defect very high Sprint-DHCP-20120528 dhcp6
#1281 dhcp6 tests made distcheck (with gtest) fail (+ interfaces.txt removal) tomek defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20120528 dhcp
#1152 dhcp6 triggered unused-but-set-variable of g++ 4.6 tomek defect medium Sprint-20111011 dhcp
#2886 dhcpv6 confirm - reply defect low Outstanding Tasks dhcp6
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