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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1968 Need ifacemgr stubs for Solaris tomek defect very low Sprint-DHCP-20120514 libdhcp
#1971 untested cases in RBtree previousNode muks defect medium Sprint-20120529 data source
#1982 sqlite database upgrade during make install jinmei defect medium Sprint-20120612 build system
#1986 b10-auth shouldn't try to forward update requests without ddns running jelte defect medium Sprint-20120731 b10-auth
#1991 boost/numeric/conversion/detail/meta.hpp:30: warning: comparison between 'enum mpl_::integral_c<boost::numeric::sign_mixture_enum, unsigned_to_unsigned>::<anonymous>' and 'enum mpl_::integral_c<boost::numeric::sign_mixture_enum, unsigned_to_signed>::<anonymous>' jinmei defect medium Sprint-20130108 Unclassified
#1999 detection of googletest jreed defect medium Sprint-20120731 Unclassified
#2004 Message_makeResponse (libdns++ python wrapper) should catch exceptions muks defect medium Sprint-20120612 libdns++
#2009 const uint8_t {aka const unsigned char}' inside { } is ill-formed in C++11 muks defect medium Sprint-20120612 Unclassified
#2017 Doxygen warnings should be removed tomek defect medium DHCP-Sprint-20120611 documentation
#2023 xfrin doesn't send the right command to zonemgr after transfer muks defect high Sprint-20120703 xfrin
#2024 Segfault in RecursiveQueryTest.v6UDPSendSpecific on Solaris (SPARC) muks defect medium Sprint-20120612 resolver
#2026 detect Py_hash_t in ./configure and define it internally if not muks defect high Sprint-20131015 build system
#2028 socket session forward test fails on solaris11 jinmei defect high Sprint-20120619 ~Inter-module communication(obsolete)
#2033 remove ZoneFinder::findPreviousName() jinmei defect low Sprint-20120703 data source
#2035 tickets that will be automatically resolved with the generic zone parser/loader UnAssigned defect medium Sprint-20130219 libdns++
#2054 make sure RBTree nodeFission() preserves the name of the original node muks defect medium Sprint-20120807 data source
#2067 cfgmgr cannot open log lock file if started with -u UnAssigned defect very high Sprint-20120703 logging
#2071 Add b10- prefix to all BIND10 libraries muks defect high Sprint-20120807 build system
#2103 [kean] change error_code in kean defect high Sprint-20131015 Unclassified
#2114 configuration problem; lists nested in named sets jelte defect medium Sprint-20120717 Unclassified
#2116 isc.dns.Name.split incorrectly sets error string jinmei defect medium Sprint-20120731 libdns++
#2119 cfgmgr loading of config check plugins jelte defect medium Sprint-20120731 Unclassified
#2120 1LLU is an illegal litteral muks defect medium Sprint-20120731 Unclassified
#2123 New suggestions by cppcheck 1.55 vorner defect medium Sprint-20120731 Unclassified
#2124 RFC 6594 for SSHFP muks defect medium Sprint-20120731 libdns++
#2145 imports in isc/ jinmei defect high Sprint-20130219 Unclassified
#2147 boost::offset_ptr causes build failures jinmei defect medium Sprint-20120807 build system
#2152 regression in rdata_encoder jinmei defect very high Sprint-20120731 data source
#2159 in-tree lettuce fails due to missing vorner defect high Sprint-20120807 b10-auth
#2160 b10-auth should clear Message at the end of request handling jelte defect medium Sprint-20120918 b10-auth
#2168 deprecate matchWireData in dns/tests muks defect medium bind10-1.2-release-freeze libdns++
#2169 build using log4cplus 1.1.0 muks defect medium Sprint-20120807 logging
#2171 directory permissions on make install muks defect medium Sprint-20120821 build system
#2173 AUTH_COMMAND_FAILED execution of command channel instruction 'loadzone' failed: There's no client list for class IN shane defect medium Unclassified
#2178 Logging for Out-of-zone data jelte defect medium Sprint-20120904 data source
#2180 Warn administrator when creating an empty SQLite data source vorner defect medium Sprint-20120904 Unclassified
#2184 adding and removing items to/from lists/dicts for item_type=='any' jelte defect medium Sprint-20120821 ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#2188 b10-loadzone tries to remove comments from RData strings vorner defect medium Sprint-20120904 loadzone
#2190 (msgq) select.poll() broken on osx's python jelte defect medium Sprint-20120925 ~msgq (obsolete)
#2191 list form of ACL match value is rejected vorner defect medium Sprint-20121009 ACL
#2198 make sure InterprocessSyncLocker is thread safe muks defect medium Sprint-20130423 logging
#2216 update query_bench so it will use the new data source config jinmei defect medium Sprint-20120904 b10-auth
#2220 tickets that can be closed by switching to new datasrc defect medium Sprint-20121009 data source
#2223 Update tests for code disabled in rrsetsCheck() jelte defect medium Sprint-20121023 libdns++
#2226 direct queries for RRSIG muks defect high bind10-1.2-release-freeze Unclassified
#2244 remove ddns component, but boss still keeps trying to start it jinmei defect medium Sprint-20121023 ~Boss of BIND (obsolete)
#2254 bindctl tab completion confusing output jelte defect medium Sprint-20121009 ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#2266 remove RRsetList class muks defect medium Sprint-20121023 libdns++
#2267 new generateRRsetFromIterator doesn't handle RRSIGs correctly jinmei defect medium Sprint-20120925 data source
#2272 Improve the perfdhcp command_options_helper code. marcin defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20121004 Unclassified
#2275 work on valgrind backlog jelte defect medium Sprint-20121009 Unclassified
#2276 avoid uninitialized variable from in-memory getClosestNSEC muks defect medium Sprint-20121009 data source
#2278 Errors from cppcheck 1.56 jelte defect medium Sprint-20121009 Unclassified
#2289 bindctl crash on "config remove Boss" UnAssigned defect low Sprint-20121009 ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#2290 bindctl crash after malformed command defect low Sprint-20121009 ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#2292 eliminate const_cast from domaintree.h vorner defect medium Sprint-20121023 data source
#2297 Fix isc-sysinfo free memory, uptime, smp output jinmei defect low Sprint-20121106 sysinfo
#2298 Xfrout/zones and XML stats naokikambe defect medium Sprint-20121120 statistics
#2302 bugs in src/lib/cc/data.h (Element::find does not return value and getValue does not work for ConstElementPtr) muks defect medium Sprint-20121023 ~Inter-module communication(obsolete)
#2321 Allocation engine v4: renewal tomek defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20130122 dhcp4
#2322 Allocation engine v4: release tomek defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20130122 dhcp4
#2323 Allocation engine v4: expiration tomek defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20130122 dhcp4
#2327 Allocation engine v6: expiration tomek defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20130103 dhcp6
#2335 deprecate RRset::setName() muks defect medium Sprint-20131015 libdns++
#2339 Recent Homebrew can't find python3.x-config jinmei defect medium Sprint-20121023 build system
#2340 build failures with newer versions of clang++ jinmei defect medium Sprint-20121023 build system
#2347 missing include in range_utilities.h muks defect low Sprint-20131015 Unclassified
#2349 Valgrind issues jelte defect medium Sprint-20121023 Unclassified
#2353 write tests for all methods of Bob muks defect medium Sprint-20121218 ~Boss of BIND (obsolete)
#2355 DHCP v4 and v6 parsers' unification should be considered tmark defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20130523 ~dhcpconf(obsolete)
#2356 configure fails in examples/ because it doesn't find the boost header jinmei defect medium Sprint-20121106 build system
#2357 Use of reserved identifiers muks defect medium Sprint-20121106 Unclassified
#2358 DBGLVL_xxx should be in .cc, and in specific name space fdupont defect low Kea1.2 logging
#2360 RRset::toText() should be consistent about included RRSIG muks defect medium Sprint-20121106 libdns++
#2364 Remove v6 code from the Option::pack4 function. stephen defect low Sprint-DHCP-20121129 dhcp4
#2365 Do not reference Option::options_ protected member in derived classes. marcin defect low Sprint-DHCP-20121129 dhcp
#2366 FATAL [b10-resolver.resolver] RESOLVER_FAILED - Missing logger placeholder in message defect medium resolver
#2398 msgq crash jelte defect medium Sprint-20121204 ~msgq (obsolete)
#2410 race condition(?) in dhcp[46] stephen defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20121129 dhcp
#2416 lettuce fails in DDNS System / module tests muks defect medium Sprint-20121106 Unclassified
#2420 allow loading zones containing an orphan RRSIG jinmei defect medium Sprint-20121204 data source
#2421 don't reject configuring entire inmemory datasrc due to one broken zone muks defect medium Sprint-20121120 data source
#2445 suppress initial log jelte defect medium Sprint-20121218 ~Boss of BIND (obsolete)
#2459 call to getCachedZoneWriter must be protected by mutex jinmei defect medium Sprint-20121120 b10-auth
#2463 DHCPv6 Config Parser: default values are cleared on subsequent configuration attempts. marcin defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20121115 ~dhcpconf(obsolete)
#2464 Xfrin with TSIG broken: mistyped call jelte defect high Sprint-20121120 xfrin
#2467 Remove raw pointers from DHCP test code stephen defect low Sprint-DHCP-20130509 dhcp
#2471 use after free in DNAME processing jinmei defect very high Sprint-20121120 b10-auth
#2479 perfdhcp tests fail when using a build directory (and hence make distcheck fails) marcin defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20121213 dhcp
#2480 use real data sources in auth QueryTest jinmei defect medium Sprint-20130108 b10-auth
#2481 gtest should run in distcheck --with-gtest jreed defect medium build system
#2486 DHCPv6 not receiving packets on CentOS stephen defect very high Sprint-DHCP-20130122 dhcp
#2503 Problem in inmem NSEC3 denial of existence handling muks defect medium Sprint-20121218 data source
#2504 Problem in inmem NSEC denial of existence handling muks defect medium Sprint-20121218 data source
#2507 Cppcheck warnings for version 1.57 muks defect medium Sprint-20130108 Unclassified
#2513 Move libdhcsrv.dox to dhcpsrv directory stephen defect very low Sprint-DHCP-20121213 dhcp
#2517 RRSIG wire tests don't check rendered data muks defect medium bind10-1.2-release-freeze libdns++
#2546 DHCP Lease Manager - miscellaneous updates stephen defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20121213 dhcp
#2558 fromJSON is not able to handle full uint32 range defect medium Kea0.8 configuration
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