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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#363 "H" and "I" are probably harmful for PyArg_ParseTuple() zzchen_pku defect low Sprint-20110419 libdns++
#5277 "bootp parameters" are incoherent fdupont defect low Kea1.3-final Unclassified
#1909 "make check" fails if sqlite3 command line tool not installed muks defect medium Sprint-20130514 build system
#2887 "make check" fails on FreeBSD 9.1 jinmei defect medium Sprint-20130423 tests
#1439 "now" binding is required to prevent deadlocks in g++ startup code in Solaris dvv defect medium Sprint-20111206 Unclassified
#467 "reload zone" command for b10-auth jinmei task medium y2 12 month milestone b10-auth
#3050 "skip" flag not cleared if no callouts are attached to a hook stephen defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20130731 Unclassified
#838 "string iterator is not dereferencable" issue ocean defect medium Sprint-20110614 Unclassified
#1772 "two bind10 instances" lettuce test fails jinmei defect medium Sprint-20120403 ~Boss of BIND (obsolete)
#288 "use after destroy" in sqlite3_datasrc (which breaks sunstudio) UnAssigned defect high 06. 4th Incremental Release data source
#903 'this' : used in base member initializer list stephen defect low Sprint-20111220 Unclassified
#2190 (msgq) select.poll() broken on osx's python jelte defect medium Sprint-20120925 ~msgq (obsolete)
#218 (review) a regression in xfrin: it can't communicate with a remote server. jinmei defect high 04. 2nd Incremental Release: Early Adopters xfrin
#219 (review) bindctl rejects IPv6 addresses UnAssigned defect high 04. 2nd Incremental Release: Early Adopters ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#211 (review) emergency patch: disable /dev/poll in ASIO jinmei defect high 04. 2nd Incremental Release: Early Adopters b10-auth
#108 --with-boostlib should fail if missing jreed defect medium Unclassified
#5010 --with-cql does not detect Cassandra, yet the build continues fdupont defect low Kea1.3 beta build system
#103 --with-pythonpath breaks install defect medium Unclassified
#5197 -rpath /nowhere causes premium libs to not install correctly tomek defect medium Kea1.2 build system
#5399 -with-tier2 is still required to build subnet_cmds in premium distribution tar ball built with tier2 UnAssigned defect medium Kea1.3-final build system
#325 ./configure --help talks about options that do not work jinmei defect low build system
#1197 .gitignore file would be helpful muks enhancement very low Sprint-20120320 build system
#2120 1LLU is an illegal litteral muks defect medium Sprint-20120731 Unclassified
#3868 2 bugs in src/bin fdupont defect low Kea0.9.2-beta dhcp4
#3854 3 minor bugs in dhcp++ library fdupont defect low Kea0.9.2-beta Unclassified
#3778 A client can get multiple leases by changing his Client Id defect high Kea0.9.2-beta Unclassified
#346 A notify_out test fails without network connectivity zzchen_pku defect low A-Team-Sprint-20110223 xfrout
#1275 A temporary socket file is not removed after each statistics test naokikambe defect medium Sprint-20111025 statistics
#248 ASIO and std library dependency(?) issue UnAssigned defect high 05. 3rd Incremental Release: Serious Secondary b10-auth
#214 ASIO fix causes auth not to listen to commands/config updates jelte defect high Unclassified
#2173 AUTH_COMMAND_FAILED execution of command channel instruction 'loadzone' failed: There's no client list for class IN shane defect medium Unclassified
#2756 AUTH_DATASRC_CLIENTS_BUILDER_RECONFIGURE_ERROR should name the datasource muks enhancement high bind10-1.2-release-freeze b10-auth
#1357 AXFR and AXFR-like IXFR in needs every message signed vorner defect medium Sprint-20120925 xfrin
#299 AXFR fails half the time zzchen_pku defect medium xfrout
#3755 Add "Started" information message to Kea sar enhancement very low Kea0.9.1 logging
#1397 Add RRset::addRdata(string) method muks enhancement medium bind10-1.2-release-freeze libdns++
#2236 Add a --enable-debug configure flag muks task low Sprint-20121106 Unclassified
#3314 Add a catch-all to logger Formatter destructor muks defect medium bind10-1.2-release-freeze logging
#3023 Add a lettuce test for CH static zone muks defect medium bind10-1.2-release-freeze tests
#2852 Add an API for (re)setting a memory segment to ConfigurableClientList muks task medium Sprint-20130611 data source
#929 Add an interface into cfgmgr to get statistics list of each module naokikambe enhancement medium Sprint-20110816 configuration
#2071 Add b10- prefix to all BIND10 libraries muks defect high Sprint-20120807 build system
#4480 Add debug/trace statements to client classification sar defect medium Kea1.1 classification
#5339 Add distcheck support for --with-log4cplus fdupont defect low Kea1.3-final build system
#2122 Add isc.sysinfo.SysInfo implementation for FreeBSD muks enhancement medium Sprint-20120717 Unclassified
#2121 Add isc.sysinfo.SysInfo implementation for OpenBSD muks enhancement medium Sprint-20120717 Unclassified
#5205 Add more detailed logging into the libkea-http library marcin defect medium Kea1.4-final agent
#3068 Add more g++ CXXFLAGS (-Wnon-virtual-dtor, etc.) muks defect medium Sprint-20130820 build system
#2826 Add note that the BIND 10 libraries' API/ABI may change muks enhancement medium Sprint-20130402 Unclassified
#2984 Add remaining (15+) hooks into the DHCPv6 Server tomek enhancement medium Sprint-DHCP-20130821 dhcp6
#2994 Add selected few (3-4) hooks into DHCPv4 server tomek enhancement medium Sprint-DHCP-20130731 dhcp4
#2995 Add selected few (3-4) hooks into DHCPv6 server tomek enhancement medium Sprint-DHCP-20130717 dhcp6
#1516 Add sender details when AUTH_UNSUPPORTED_OPCODE is logged muks defect low Sprint-20131015 b10-auth
#928 Add statistics category into spec file of each module, and update cfgmgr to handle it naokikambe enhancement medium Sprint-20110816 configuration
#2692 Add support for NetBSD in isc-sysinfo enhancement medium sysinfo
#4249 Address distcheck failures after merge of #4224 marcin defect high Kea1.0 tests
#4326 Address minor coverity "must be fixed" items fdupont defect very low Kea1.1 Unclassified
#3538 After renaming the parameter "pool" to "pools" the default kea.conf must be updated. marcin defect high Kea0.9.1beta dhcp4
#5638 Alloc engine gives up on allocating a lease because of the wrong status in the CalloutHandle marcin defect high Kea1.4-final dhcp
#2141 Allocation engine (Implement database-independent parts of database API) tomek task medium Sprint-DHCP-20130122 dhcp
#3958 Allocation engine fails to allocate long prefixes because of the uint64 to uint32 cast marcin defect medium Kea0.9.2 dhcp6
#2320 Allocation engine v4: Address assignment tomek task medium Sprint-DHCP-20130122 dhcp4
#2323 Allocation engine v4: expiration tomek defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20130122 dhcp4
#2322 Allocation engine v4: release tomek defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20130122 dhcp4
#2321 Allocation engine v4: renewal tomek defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20130122 dhcp4
#2324 Allocation engine v6: address assignment tomek task medium Sprint-DHCP-20121101 dhcp6
#2327 Allocation engine v6: expiration tomek defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20130103 dhcp6
#2326 Allocation engine v6: release tomek task medium Sprint-DHCP-20130103 dhcp6
#2325 Allocation engine v6: renewal tomek task medium Sprint-DHCP-20121213 dhcp6
#2150 Allow DomainTree::find() to start at a lower level muks task medium Sprint-20120918 Unclassified
#2231 Allow sub-second timeouts in interface manager "receive" functions marcin task medium Sprint-DHCP-20120917 dhcp
#506 Analysis of Wildcard Processing jinmei enhancement medium A-Team-Sprint-20110209 b10-auth
#5615 Asio use threads but build flag still says the opposite. fdupont defect medium Kea1.4-final build system
#1052 B10_LOGGER_SEVERITY and B10_LOGGER_DBGLEVEL ignored or no complaint if bogus values UnAssigned defect medium Sprint-20131015 logging
#3213 BIND 10 doesn't compile/work on Mac OS X 10.9 jinmei defect medium Sprint-20131015 build system
#114 BIND 10 version number is wrong defect low Unclassified
#1930 BIND 9 and BIND 10 have a collision on a header file muks defect low Sprint-20120515 Unclassified
#1041 BIND10 build fails if a directory in the path has spaces jelte defect medium Sprint-20110830 configuration
#1633 BIND10 does not compile on Mac OS 10.7 jinmei defect medium Sprint-DHCP-20120220 libdhcp
#3001 BIND10-1.1.0 fails to build because of missing header inclusions muks defect high Sprint-20130709 Unclassified
#1900 BIND10_STARTED_CC not logged consistently on macmini muks defect medium Sprint-20120515 ~Boss of BIND (obsolete)
#1598 BIND10_START_AS_NON_ROOT_XXX should be deprecated UnAssigned defect medium Sprint-20131015 ~Boss of BIND (obsolete)
#4292 BOOTP flags BROADCAST is not set for Relay Agent sar defect high Kea1.1 dhcp4
#1358 Badpacket tool broken due to logging vorner defect medium Sprint-20111206 Unclassified
#3487 Better reporting of issues with running DHCP on specified interfaces is needed marcin defect low Kea0.9 dhcp
#1468 Better tests are needed for dhcpv6_srv class enhancement low Sprint-DHCP-20121213 dhcp6
#3227 Bind10 prints cryptic message and quits when port 8080 is open muks defect medium Sprint-20131015 ~Boss of BIND (obsolete)
#300 Bind10: create one process list and use it to kill all processes in that list UnAssigned enhancement medium ~Boss of BIND (obsolete)
#1344 Bindctl can't set value of optional empty value jelte defect medium Sprint-20111108 ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#1343 Bindctl doesn't remove stuff from default value of named_set jelte defect medium Sprint-20111108 ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#384 Bindctl doesn't show complicated config structures zhanglikun defect medium R-Team-Sprint-20110222 ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#3292 Bindctl incapable to configure boolean options on Kea4 marcin defect medium DHCP-QA Defects ~bind-ctl (obsolete)
#3099 Bogus error message in b10-xfrin if no tsig key used shane defect medium bind10-1.2-release-freeze xfrin
#565 Boss should start/stop b10-auth and b10-recurse without restart vorner defect medium A-Team-Sprint-20110309 ~Boss of BIND (obsolete)
#691 Boss shutdown has traceback defect medium ~cmd-ctl (obsolete)
#1491 Boss/components config option got set to empty jelte defect medium Sprint-20120417 Unclassified
#205 Boss: verbose option is not passed to module xfrin,xfrout and cmdctl jreed defect medium ~Boss of BIND (obsolete)
#5382 Botan 2.3.0 compatibility fdupont defect medium Kea1.4-final crypto
#1538 Build doesn't work with automake automake-1.11.2 vorner defect medium build system
#3039 Build fails due to BOOST_STATIC_ASSERT on Fedora 19 (GCC 4.8.1) muks defect high Sprint-20130723 Unclassified
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