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#3308 boost::offset_ptr failure on Solaris 10 with GCC new defect medium
#3319 IfaceMgr debuggability improvement new enhancement medium
#3323 Change location of hooks example code new UnAssigned defect low
#3325 Add wrapper for asio::io_service::poll and poll_one to asiolink::IOService new UnAssigned enhancement low
#3337 perfdhcp wrong merge MAC to packet template new defect medium
#3348 perfdhcp providing first DUID not working new task medium
#3349 perfdhcp randomized MAC at multiple offsets new enhancement medium
#3355 Add method to recreate dhcp::CfgMgr singleton instance new defect medium
#3428 libkea-cc: JSON element position should be set to the position of the element's name, not value new enhancement low
#3448 Refactor/merge base classes for D2,Kea4,Kea6 assigned task medium
#3472 Consider adding command line switch to keactrl which overrides the kea config file location new UnAssigned enhancement low
#3488 no ifaddrs.h and Solaris 10 new UnAssigned defect low
#3490 Handle multiple packets in one read when using BPF new UnAssigned defect medium
#3500 Lease database capabilities reporting new enhancement low
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