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#3349 perfdhcp randomized MAC at multiple offsets new enhancement medium
#1338 perfdhcp should have the ability to dump sent/received traffic to file new enhancement low
#1339 perfdhcp should warn if there are any DHCP clients running new enhancement low
#3337 perfdhcp wrong merge MAC to packet template new defect medium
#3261 perfdhcp: orphan messages counting shouldn't be performed for individual exchanges new defect medium
#2766 reconsider the use of varbinary in database tables new enhancement medium
#2359 restruct libb10-util new UnAssigned defect medium
#2985 rfc 2131 vs monitoring network interfaces new defect low
#3188 socket creator support for raw sockets new enhancement medium
#3085 src/bin/dhcp6/tests/dhcp6_test_utils.h refactoring new enhancement low
#1158 suggestion: avoid OS-specific switch in new UnAssigned defect medium
#911 time64 & Y2038 new enhancement low
#3237 user_check library must load even user registry missing; doc needed new UnAssigned enhancement low
#2758 util/io_utilities.h shouldn't be used in production DHCP code new defect medium
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