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#3323 Change location of hooks example code new UnAssigned defect low
#3325 Add wrapper for asio::io_service::poll and poll_one to asiolink::IOService new UnAssigned enhancement low
#3428 libkea-cc: JSON element position should be set to the position of the element's name, not value new enhancement low
#3472 Consider adding command line switch to keactrl which overrides the kea config file location new UnAssigned enhancement low
#3488 no ifaddrs.h and Solaris 10 new UnAssigned defect low
#3500 Lease database capabilities reporting new enhancement low
#1296 Kea: Pkt an Option should provide interators besides of getOption() new UnAssigned enhancement very low
#2454 ./configure --with-lcov skips gtest detection new UnAssigned defect very low
#2474 Extend comments in DHCPv6 server unit test new defect very low
#2540 DHCP cleanup: cfgmgr -> cfg_mgr, remove Doxygen errors new defect very low
#2547 Implement Lease{4,6}Ptr::operator== that always throws new enhancement very low
#3163 LeaseMgr: rename getLease4() => getLeases4() new enhancement very low
#3169 Replace use of char* with void* cast in buffer bindings in dhcspsrv/ new defect very low
#3190 --with-gtest-source versus --with-gtest new UnAssigned defect very low
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