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#3500 Lease database capabilities reporting new enhancement low
#911 time64 & Y2038 new enhancement low
#2728 configuration snapshots and restore new enhancement medium
#2729 logging of configuration changes new defect low
#2766 reconsider the use of varbinary in database tables new enhancement medium
#2806 database "logger" new enhancement medium
#2985 rfc 2131 vs monitoring network interfaces new defect low
#3009 kea6 does not drop relay-forward with forbidden options new defect medium
#3071 kea6: solicit with invalid options is accepted new defect medium
#3090 kea6 assign malformed address (::0 from the pool) new defect low
#3091 kea6 assign reserved address (ff:/8, fe80::/10, ::1) new defect low
#3348 perfdhcp providing first DUID not working new task medium
#3349 perfdhcp randomized MAC at multiple offsets new enhancement medium
#3448 Refactor/merge base classes for D2,Kea4,Kea6 assigned task medium
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