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#3188 socket creator support for raw sockets new enhancement medium
#3208 Improve vendor-options definitions and unit-tests new enhancement medium
#3215 Need an ability to provide domain-name for addresses new defect medium
#3248 DHCPv6: Set the lease expiration time for the NameChangeRequests new defect medium
#3261 perfdhcp: orphan messages counting shouldn't be performed for individual exchanges new defect medium
#3271 Kea6 assign IPv6 address which is configured with. assigned tomek defect medium
#3308 boost::offset_ptr failure on Solaris 10 with GCC new defect medium
#3319 IfaceMgr debuggability improvement new enhancement medium
#3337 perfdhcp wrong merge MAC to packet template new defect medium
#3348 perfdhcp providing first DUID not working new task medium
#3349 perfdhcp randomized MAC at multiple offsets new enhancement medium
#3355 Add method to recreate dhcp::CfgMgr singleton instance new defect medium
#3448 Refactor/merge base classes for D2,Kea4,Kea6 assigned task medium
#3490 Handle multiple packets in one read when using BPF new UnAssigned defect medium
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