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#895 "null" crypto module assigned UnAssigned enhancement medium Outstanding Tasks
#3678 remove random() from the source new defect medium Outstanding Tasks
#4118 multi-threading for crypto and database. new defect medium Outstanding Tasks
#668 Add formal randomness checking to unit tests of classes using random-number generators new enhancement low Outstanding Tasks
#4684 Mobile Strike Hack Tool Скачать. new task low Spam
#4738 How Mobile Business Apps are Changing the Face of Businesses new enhancement low Spam
#4990 How to Start an Auto Repossession Business new task low Spam
#3595 PKCS#11 based cryptolink new fdupont enhancement very low Outstanding Tasks
#4746 Tow truck escape Chicago (to save lots of his bulldog) video goes viral new patch very low Spam
#4798 Trucks :: Low Loaders - Breaking the Limits of Heavy Load Transportation new enhancement very low Spam
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